Marsai Martin’s New Hair Color Has Me Craving a Giant Glass of Red Wine — See Photos

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I’m not sure what’s in the water lately — perhaps hair dye — but I’ve been seeing several celebrities pop out with various shades of red hair in the past few weeks. And now I can add another person to that list, thanks to Marsai Martin‘s new red hair

Martin revealed her new hair color in an Instagram carousel on July 23 with the caption, “reset.” The first photo features Martin in a bad-bitch pose with her red hair covering one eye — she immediately reminded me of the burgundy-haired poet who goes by the name Beret Girl in An Extremely Goofy Movie. 

The next picture gives a better view of Martin’s dark red hair, which is the result of a unit from Kendra’s Boutique. Hairstylist Ricky Wing parted her hair on the side and lightly curled the ends inward. The flipped ends plus the layered cut gave it some body. The shortest layers grazed her collarbone area, while the longest pieces of hair fell towards her chest. You’ll also notice the slightest sliver of brown at the roots. 

Martin, who is a natural brunette, has previously experimented with other hair colors, including lighter hues of brown, blonde, silver, and ginger, but this merlot hue is unlike any other we’ve seen from her. 

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