Loie Hollowell is “In Transition”

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Jessica Silverman, San Francisco // January 11, 2024 – March 02, 2024

They aren’t quite paintings and they aren’t quite sculpture. And maybe that is where to start, or in our case, to continue with speaking about the works of Loie Hollowell. Everything about her works, this technique in particular are bas-reliefs, but everything about what she has producced over the years is in the in-between area of mystery and what appears to be a sort of handmade artificial (and it is, indeed, handmade). They are in-between the realms of what we have seen and what we are going to see in the future with painting, literally a transition for the artist and for the medium itself. —Evan Pricco

As the Jessica Silverman Gallery notes of this presentation, “In Transition consists of ten paintings that spotlight a three-dimensional belly, whose shape has shifted from the oval of pregnancy to the orb of a planet. In each work, the central sphere radiates waves of luminous energy, suggesting the sentience of an embryo, the birth of the universe, and the power of evolutionary life. The palette of the ten works graduates from sunny, light, and airy yellows to inundated, nocturnal hues. Meanwhile, the diameter of a red circle at the bottom of the painting enlarges from a pinpoint in the first painting, One Centimeter Dilated, to a burning red orb in Ten Centimeters Dilated, the final piece in the cycle. Hollowell enjoys the literalism of the painting’s titles as they mark the climax in narratives of “expecting” and are a supreme spatial indicator of time.” 

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