Kim Kardashian Returned to Long Nails With a Razor-Sharp French Manicure — See Photos

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The pointy French mani isn’t here to stay; in a now-expired Instagram Story post of a text conversation with sister Khloé and mom Kris Jenner, Kardashian revealed that the long lengths were press-ons, applied specifically for the occasion. In June, Kardashian told Allure editor-in-chief Jessica Cruel that whenever we see her with a statement-making mani, it’s probably fake. “They’re usually just taped on for a shoot or the night,” she said at the time. According to Kardashian, long nails aren’t practical for her law studies — or her texting skills. “When I have my nails on, everyone will laugh,” she shared. “They’ll be like nothing you’re saying on text makes sense.”

However, long nails do have an impact on the way she feels about her look and she does enjoy giving them a go for special occasions. “Every once in a while I get [long nails] for vacation, [and] I have a whole different attitude,” Kardashian said. Judging from these glamorous pics, she totally nailed it.

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Now, watch Kim answer some burning beauty questions:

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