Keke Palmer Works Out In What I Can Only Describe As a Beyoncé Wig — See Photos

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Once upon a time, I thought I could be a gym baddie, but then I actually went to a gym and quickly realized that dream wasn’t going to work out. My type of workout is a trip to the kitchen (in my defense, I have to walk upstairs!) or an impromptu dance session, and I can assure you I look nothing short of a pink-haired troll in both situations. So can someone explain to me how on Earth Keke Palmer manages to work out in a Beyoncé-esque wig, sweat, and look good while doing it?!

Palmer posted the clip to her Instagram page on August 8 with a lengthy caption that I recommend reading. A brief recap: she shared how her fitness journey has evolved, especially since having a baby, and how helpful her trainer has been in helping her to get active.

In the video, Palmer is at the gym (fitting), chatting with her trainer, and wearing tie-dyed spandex shorts with a grey hoodie. She wore a pink baseball hat over her straight, highlighted hair, which fell to her butt. It’s hard to get a good look at the color, but we can see some honey-blonde pieces interwoven among caramel brown hair à la Beyoncé. 

Palmer offers a gem of advice toward the end of the video. “The only thing i can say is when you’re looking for a trainer, look for somebody who is not trying to change you. Look for someone who is trying to encourage you to be the best you you could be,” she says. 

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