Keke Palmer Revealed Her Natural Curls Again in the Cutest Afro Ever — See Photos

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The last we saw Keke Palmer’s natural hair was back in June when she shared a funny skit featuring her baby Leo on Instagram. It’s no secret that she has been killing it in the beauty department lately, but she has mostly done that while wearing wigs (gorgeous ones, by the way). So we were pleasantly surprised when she posted videos showing off her cute curly Afro, which looks like it might be longer than it was in June. 

Palmer was hanging out with two friends who made an appearance alongside her ‘fro in each video she posted on October 5. She took the first video in front of a bathroom mirror where you can see she is wearing a graphic T-shirt with shorts and a denim jacket. 

Her curls surrounded her, making her hair look like a cute little mushroom. The longest pieces touched the nape of her neck and ear lobes, while the shortest ones formed her coiled bangs. Is there such a thing as curly baby bangs? Because these might make the cut.

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