Keeping It Going Round: Harman Projects Presents “TONDO”

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Harman Projects, NYC // January 21, 2023 – February 04, 2023

Alex GarantAlex Garant

Angela Sung Angela Sung

Anthony HurdAnthony Hurd

Caroline Ji Caroline Ji

Helice WenHelice Wen

Joshua HorkeyJoshua Horkey

Kevin Earl TaylorKevin Earl Taylor

Keya TamaKeya Tama


Makoto ChiMakoto Chi

Michelle Avery KonczykMichelle Avery Konczyk

Nick RungeNick Runge

Sarah JamisonSarah Jamison

Valentin FischerValentin Fischer

Wiley WallaceWiley Wallace

Zachary OldenkampZachary Oldenkamp

Harman Projects is pleased to present TONDO, a group exhibition featuring 50+ artists from around the world working in a round format. This exhibition features a diverse range of styles with each artist bringing their own unique take to the circular canvas. With a large lineup of artists, the scale of the exhibition creates a dynamic yet unified presentation. From abstract works created with poured resin, to collages made of screen prints, to portraiture created in thread, there is no doubt to be something for any art lover.

Participating Artists:

Laura Bifano | Arthur Brouthers | Adam Caldwell | Makoto Chi | Luke Chueh | Sam Wolfe Connelly | Rose Couch | Happy D | Valentin Fischer | Felicia Forte | Adam Fujita | Alex Garant | Stuart Godfrey | Abigail Goldman | Frank Gonzales | Joshua Horkey | Anthony Hurd | Sarah Jamison | Caroline Ji | Justin “Coro” Kaufman | Yumiko Kayukawa | Michelle Avery Konczyk | Lantomo | Brin Levinson | Huntz Liu | Sean Mahan | Ryan Malley | Marie-Claude Marquis | Dan McCarthy | Caitlin McCormack | Jose Mertz | Harry Michalakeas | Haleigh Mun | JP Neang | Reuben Negron | Daniel Ochoa | Zachary Oldenkamp | Gage Opdenbrouw | Hallie Packard | Mwanel Pierre-Louis | Carlos Ramirez | Nick Runge | Juan Manuel Sanabria | Scott Scheidly | Jay Shells | Beau Stanton | Angela Sung | Keya Tama | Jessica So Ren Tang | Kevin Earl Taylor | James Thistlethwaite | Nicomi Nix Turner | Roos van der Vliet | Wiley Wallace | Helice Wen | Christine Wu | Demetrios Zissiadis | Angela F. Zirbes | Austen Zombres | Ravi Zupa

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