“Keep It Universal” Is More Than a Clothing and Lifestyle Brand: It’s a Movement.


Keeping It Universal is all about music and artistry or anything that portrays self-expression as a universal language. A conversation without speaking, communication through feeling regardless of your location in the world. Keep It Universal believes that they can connect and communicate globally between different cultures, countries, and people through artistic mediums.

Since its establishment, the team has learned more about each other, particularly within the past year. They have also managed to put their beliefs and truths on display, fought to the end for friends and family and each other, and yet while in isolation, managed to push themselves even further.

Their mission remains to create a recognizable brand where people can proudly resonate with their goals. Despite the noise, Keep It Universal encourages people to come together and leveraging what’s universal, notwithstanding any mayhem. A keen look into reality will make you get a better understanding of their philosophy. For instance, have you ever wondered why jeep owners wave to each other when they’ve never met? It can be intriguing to come to think of how the connection is natural among so many people.

The existence of such scenarios gives hope to Keep It Universal that there is still room to create such an environment. Their focus remains on creating such a world, that universe within a brand channeling the universal language.

Their task is to reconnect in the aftermath of the divide and give power and importance back to the arts. Life is a mystery, and there are still places you can go to understand one another. They have established several programs to actualize their goals, including art classes on Thursdays, poetry nights at a coffeehouse, concerts, or sharing a song that speaks to you with a friend. In general, Keep It Universal is part of a larger community. They are a family of musicians, poets, artists, and actors.

To the company, their brand is a personality that represents what their values are: no war, no disagreements, turning off “the noise,” being able to connect on a level beyond what the general public sees eye to eye with, in turn, bringing unity, community, hope, and acceptance of one another despite their differences.

Keeping It Universal is more than a clothing brand; to the company, they are more of a movement, a message, and a mission to connect after the divide. This comes to life especially when “true colors” are displayed on social platforms.

The team is super passionate about changing the world and its war against their own. The goal is to keep a universal free spirit as the hippies did with peace, love, and happiness. Their aspirations remain to motivate more people, including the millennial crowd, Gen Z, and Gen A. There is no doubt that unity creates a greater whole than its parts, which strengthens their team.

For Keep It Universal, it’s their hope and purpose to give back to the arts.  


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