Katharine & David Foster’s Son Is Following in Their Musical Footsteps

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Baby Rennie‘s future sounds like music to our ears.

David Foster, who welcomed his son with wife Katharine McPhee in February 2021, revealed if he thinks the 22-month-old is destined for the music industry like his parents. After all, the composer and singer’s little one has already shown a passion for drumming.

“Well, you know I’m trying to hold back a little, I don’t want to get too excited there,” David shared in an exclusive Jan. 14 interview with E! News during the Live at the Music Center: Concert Celebrating Jerry Moss. “But you would think between Kat and I, we probably would have a child that would be musical.”

While David noted that Rennie “seems to lean toward drumming,” he isn’t rushing the child’s personal discovery with music.

“It’s a little early to tell,” he told E! News. “I hope that he at least finds joy in music.”

And it seems safe to say Rennie is already finding happiness through tunes and beats. As for what he prefers to listen to? David shared that the boy has his favorites.

“He’s so into drummers,” David shared. “Well, also CoComelon. But I will put a drummer on and he’ll watch for 12 minutes straight and then ask to watch it again. That’s what he’s into, and CoComelon.”


Fans got an up-close look at Rennie’s gravitation towards drumming in a post made to David’s Instagram Aug. 3, which featured the little one tapping away with drumsticks on an electronic drum pad. The proud dad captioned the moment, “Is this normal for a 17-month-old?”

Rennie’s early skills didn’t go unnoticed by big sister Erin Foster. The Barely Famous star, who David shares with ex Rebecca Dyer, teased that the toddler has something she does not. “The musician gene has finally been passed down,” Erin commented on her dad’s post. “I’m still waiting for mine to kick in.”

More recently, David shared a video to Instagram Jan. 1 of Rennie rocking out on a real drum set with the caption, “progress at 22 months!!”

It seems it’s only up from here!

—Reporting by Amanda Champagne-Meadows 

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