Jeremy Allen White’s Hair Is Doing Something Truly Magical in His Calvin Klein Campaign — See the Photos

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By now you’ve probably seen the Jeremy Allen White Calvin Klein photos that absolutely set the internet ablaze, as we imagined they would. There’s really nothing like a well-timed underwear campaign, especially when it stars the internet’s current boyfriend. Obviously there’s a lot to look at in the pics, wink-wink-nudge-nudge, but one thing that shouldn’t be overlooked is just how magical his hair looks.

White stripped down for photographer Mert Alas in his hometown of New York City, showing off undies and tanks from the beloved American brand. Yes, the body is the centerpiece, and it’s definitely worth thirsting over, but let’s talk hair, shall we? White’s hair has always been great: thick and full with just a hint of curl. It’s currently a longer, shaggier length than it has been in the past, styled in a very “I didn’t even try” tousled tumble of waves and curls. You know, the kind of hair you really, really, really wanna run your fingers through.

Mert Alas/courtesy of Calvin Klein

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