Jennifer Love Hewitt Squeezed a Deep Thought Into the Daintiest New Tattoo — See Photos

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I’ve noticed I get asked the meanings of my biggest tattoos more than the little ones — and I get it. They’re the most noticeable, but they aren’t necessarily the most meaningful. Just like good things come in small packages, sometimes big feelings come in the tiniest tattoos. And Jennifer Love Hewitt‘s new ink is proof of that.

The 9-1-1 star posted a couple of closeups of her latest tattoo to her Instagram grid on Sunday, October 15, and it’s hard not to be struck by both its sentiment and its precision. In the first photo — a selfie that also happens to show off Hewitt’s incredible eyelashes — the actor is holding up her forearm to the camera. You can see intricate black script atop freshly shaved skin (for the uninitiated, tattoo artists always shave the chosen area before beginning), but you can’t quite read the tattoo because the image is flipped. 

In the second photo, a stunning black-and-white shot, we can see that the tattoo says, “the universe always provides” in an all-lowercase, elegant font.

“Thank you so much @cachotattoo,” Hewitt wrote in the caption, tagging tattoo artist Ignacio Suarez. “As a student of the universe I am so grateful to have this daily reminder. 🙏🏻🧡”

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