Jennifer Love Hewitt Just Made Her Hair Even Longer and Blonder — See Photos

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I’ve barely recovered from the shock of Jennifer Love Hewitt not being a brunette anymore, and she has the audacity to take her newfound flaxen California-girl vibes to a new level? Honestly, it’s admirable.

In mid-May, Hewitt surprised everyone when she went to Nine Zero One salon to significantly lighten her signature dark-brown hair. Stylist and co-owner Nikki Lee was behind the golden hue, and she played a major role in in Hewitt’s latest visit to the salon, too. 

According to new Instagram Stories posts, Lee helped the 9-1-1 star go “more blonde,” and that’s undeniable. A selfie taken in her car reveals that Hewitt has lightened up a bit more to an even more shimmering, sandy shade that frames her face radiantly. But that’s not the only difference.

Hewitt also tagged Seama Eftekhari, another artist at Nine Zero One, who appears to be responsible for the “more length” the actor references on Instagram. At first, in a cartoonishly filtered mid-styling photo with Lee, Hewitt’s hair is so long that the ends aren’t visible at the bottom of the frame. But in the car selfie, we can see that the new extensions hit several inches past her shoulders.

Instagram/Jennifer Love Hewitt

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