Jennifer Lopez’s Latest Ponytail Is… Freakishly Perky — See Photos

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Jennifer Lopez spent the last week in Paris doing what she does everywhere she goes: turning heads and making news. Her hair made a lot of the headlines, first when she debuted a major chop into a flippy bob, and then when she went expertly partook in the coquette bow trend. And now that she’s back in U.S. this week, she may not be attending couture shows, but her hair is still catching our attention — this time by casually defying the laws of gravity.

When I go to the gym, no one has ever accused me of being “freakishly perky” — more like “in attendance.” And while J. Lo was spotted going to Tracy Anderson’s Los Angeles studio looking neither here nor there in terms of gym-going enthusiasm, it was her ponytail that was freakishly perky.

Despite being quite a bit shorter than before she made her way to France, Lopez’s hair is clearly still very ponytail-viable. Her straightened style is pulled way up high and secured at the tippy-top of the crown with a black elastic. But his ponytail doesn’t just flop down — it seems to float in a rainbow-like arch that, like a golden-brown fountain, like a pony’s actual tail.

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