Jennifer Lopez Has Dulce De Leche Nails and Now I Want Starbucks — See the Photos

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Wanna go on a coffee run, Jennifer Lopez? If your manicures are any indication, you’re craving Starbucks — and now I am, too!

Just a few weeks after rocking a mocha manicure, Lopez and her manicurist Tom Bachik have moved on through the coffee family, finding inspiration in the caramel color of dulce de leche, which is a personal favorite of mine in coffee drinks for its rich, sweet flavor. Lopez’s nails are a spot on replica of the color of the sweet treat: a warm ginger orange-brown that looks gorgeous on the pop star and actor, especially when shaped into precise, perfectly elegant ovals befitting Mrs. Affleck. Looking at that manicure makes me want to pull up the Starbucks app and order a Dulce de Leche Frappuccino to kick off the weekend.

The nails don’t just look pretty on Instagram, either. You can also see them make a cameo appearance in her 73 Questions video for Vogue as she pours tea and moves around her California home. Bachik also told British Vogue that he works closely with Lopez on every nail look, whether it’s her Las Vegas wedding mani or a glam bedazzled pedicure, to make sure that every nail moment feels authentic to her. “It’s more about working with my client one-on-one and creating a look that plays off their whole look – it’s uniquely theirs,” he shared. “Whether it’s J Lo, Selena or whoever I’m working with, it has to be them. Their nails are an extension of their personality and fashion preference.”

Bachik didn’t specify which shade is currently decorating Lopez’s perfectly-shaped tips, but you can get a similar look from Londontown’s Lakur in Bee’s Knees, a warm orange-brown; Essie’s Expressie Quick-Dry Nail Polish in Cold Brew Crew, a light brown; or Cirque Colors’ Bowery, a chic burnt orange.

Lopez and Bachik have nailed the mocha and the dulce de leche nail, so what’s next? Cappuccino? Black coffee? Maybe a vanilla oatmilk latte? There’s really no shortage of color inspiration on the coffee shop menu. Meet you at Starbucks, J. Lo! 

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