Jennifer Coolidge Reacts To Chloe Fineman’s SNL Impersonation

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It’s not just us raising a glass to Saturday Night Live‘s impression of Jennifer Coolidge.

The White Lotus star has nothing but praise for Chloe Fineman‘s impersonation of her, which the comedian debuted on the Dec. 17 Christmas episode of NBC’s Saturday Night Live. In the bit, called “Jennifer Coolidge is Impressed by Christmas Stuff,” Fineman wore a gold evening gown and the American Pie alum’s signature blond locks and proceeded to enact a series of comical reactions to “Christmas stuff” kicking off the skit saying, “Hi, I’m Jennifer Coolidge. I love Christmas.” 

In a later scene she’s seen holding a stocking while declaring, “Oh look at this. A big sock full of gifts. You know the ultimate stocking stuffer is a foot.” 

It didn’t take long for Coolidge to see the skit, as she shared her reaction to Fineman’s portrayal in a Dec. 18 Instagram post. “Wow! A massive thanks to Saturday Night Live,” she wrote, “and to the exceptionally brilliant impressionist @ChloeIsCrazy with your hilarious imitation!!”

She went onto to reveal her own attempt at becoming an SNL cast member early in her career, noting, “Also, congrats to the new cast members!! I know how hard it is to get on that show, I tried my ass off to be one but you actually made it!! What a feat! Happy holidays to you all!!”

Fineman saw the flattering message and replied, “Happy holidays!!! Thank you for being such a gift to us all.”

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