Jana Kramer Confronts Meghan King Over DM About “Hot” Mike Caussin

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Jana Kramer Says She “Shattered” Things Amid Ex’s Cheating

Why ya wanna call Jana Kramer‘s ex hot?

The singer—who filed for divorce from NFL player Mike Caussin in 2021—called out Meghan King after the Real Housewives of Orange County alum referred to Mike as “hot” during a DM exchange with Jana. 

As Jana recalled on her Whine Down podcast on Oct. 31, “There was something that she said in our DMs that really bothered me.” 

She said she was messaging with Meghan, an “acquaintance,” back in February about staying “strong” amid respective divorces when Meghan allegedly texted her, “At least your ex is hot.” (Meghan and husband Jim Edmonds called it quits in 2019).

“So I go, ‘I’m sorry that kind of bothered me. I would never say your ex is hot, especially knowing how much he hurt you. Anyways, have a great day,'” Jana recalled. “It just irked me, and we haven’t spoken since that.” 

She said the interaction bothered her for a few reasons. “First, what does being hot have to do with it?” she questioned on the podcast. “Because me, when a man disrespects a woman, you ain’t hot, ever. You’re done.” 

The One Tree Hill actress explained, “I’ve dated some very attractive men. The second you lie to me, you are the ugliest human in a room to me. Or cheat, you are ugly to me. And I would never be like, ‘At least he was hot.’ The hotness has nothing to do with it.”

Though Jana said that Meghan did apologize about the remark in a subsequent DM, she ghosted her. “She’s like, ‘Sorry Jana, I was trying to lighten it up. I thought he was a good looking guy when I saw him on your feed, I was trying to find a silver lining,'” she shared. “I would’ve said, ‘At least you have beautiful children.’ That’s the silver lining.”

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Seeing how Meghan was now a guest on her podcast, Jana thought it was a good opportunity to clear the air once and for all. When Meghan appeared on the Oct. 31 episode, she told Jana, “I guess I can see what you’re saying, but in my opinion I was trying to give you a compliment and I was trying to make light of a s–tty situation.”

The reality star continued, “We both know it sucks. And so it’s like, alright we both have these s–tty situations, but at least he’s hot and I said that because I don’t know, I thought it was a compliment. I thought it was a nice thing to say.” 


Meghan, who went on to marry Cuffe Biden Owens last year before splitting in December, said that Jana may have “overreacted” and was perhaps “feeling sensitive.”

“And I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings, and I apologized. That was never my intention,” she added. “But I certainly wasn’t making light of anything.”

While Jana appreciated Meghan for clarifying her stance on the situation, she reiterated that the real silver lining in her divorce is the children she shares with Mike: Jolie Rae, 6, and Jace Joseph, 3. 

“For me, it’s like, we have our kids and I’m grateful that was the silver lining for that relationship,” the 38-year-old told her guest. “And I’m never going to take away him as a dad and I’m glad he’s the father… I have to have a silver lining.”

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