Is Mamma Mia 3 Really in the Works? Director Ol Parker Says…

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For those saying Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! to Mamma Mia 3, we have good news.

It may be time to start looking for flights to the fictional Greek island of Kalokairi because Ol Parker, who directed the second Mamma Mia film, is sounding off on a potential third film. As for what he said? The ABBA-tracked jukebox musicals were always meant to be a trilogy.

“Judy Craymer, the genius producer behind the musical and the first two films, always plans for it to be a trilogy. That’s all I can say,” the Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again director told Screen Rant Dec. 18. “The first one made an enormous amount of money, and I think we made a fair amount too. I know that there is a hunger for a third, and I know that she has a plan. Wouldn’t it be lovely?”

And what exactly would we see our dancing queens do in a third movie? Well, in 2020 Judy said she was actively working on a Mamma Mia 3 idea, noting that she had plans to use four new ABBA songs, written by band members Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus, who’ve composed music for the movies.

“I was meant to have been getting on with that, in my head, during these months. But then I got hit with COVID fog,” she told The Daily Mail in June 2020. “I think one day there will be another film because there’s meant to be a trilogy, you see. I know Universal would like me to do it.”

And the filmmakers aren’t the only ones who would say here we go again in a heartbeat as much of the cast has been open about their interest in returning for another film.

Earlier this year, Amanda Seyfried, who played Sophie in the 2008 film and its 2018 follow-up, said that she’d return in a heartbeat even if she has no idea what the premise would be.

“I don’t know what to do,” she expressed to Variety in May 2022. “Who cares? The plot doesn’t even matter at this point. ABBA has got new songs, throw them in there, get the cast together again.”

Jonathan Prime/Universal/Kobal/Shutterstock

Of her on-screen mom, Amanda added, “Meryl Streep will absolutely come back for the entirety of it…or else.”

Christine Baranski who plays Tanya in the films, said she would also be back for a third movie with no question. 

“If we could go back and have the same amount of good fun and be on a Greek island together filming and dining together at night at some wonderful trattoria or taverna,” she told Entertainment Weekly in January 2022. “I don’t think anybody would give you an argument.”

And if a third film didn’t work out, The Good Fight star is on-board for a cast vacation, adding, “I always think wouldn’t it be fun just to get back together on that Greek island and maybe film all of us having dinner and telling the stories and singing all ABBA songs? And then just have it filmed as a great night out.”

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