Irina Shayk Gives Rare Insight Into How She & Bradley Cooper Co-Parent

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Are Bradley Cooper & Irina Shayk Back Together?

There’s no playbook when it comes to parenting.

But Irina Shayk is giving fans a glimpse into how she and Bradley Cooper are raising daughter Lea.

“You know, we don’t have a nanny, so sometimes [when my friends suggest] dinner or a concert, they always say ‘We know what Irina is going to say; we have no nanny,'” the model, 36, told photographer Inez van Lamsweerde for V Magazine‘s latest digital cover story. “They say it’s my saving line. But we choose not to have a nanny.” 

For Irina, “being a mom is one of the most amazing things ever.” As she put it, “I’ve never imagined that I would enjoy it and love it so much. I feel like there is no better kind of love for anyone in this world, but the love for your child. It’s just very special.”

And she said her 5-year-old always keeps it real. “You know, my daughter has no filter,” the runway star added. “I remember this Halloween when I was dressed up as Bettie Page, she looked at me and goes ‘No, take it off. It doesn’t work.’ “I kind of feel like she keeps me grounded because she says what she thinks with no filter–I love it.”

Irina and Bradley—who broke up in 2019 after four years of datingwelcomed Lea in 2017. Becoming a mom, Irina explained, led her to rethink how she juggles her personal and professional life.

“Just being a mom, I’ve learned how to prioritize my time,” she continued. “How to choose my jobs and always remember that family is the most important thing. That’s how you keep going.”

And Irina hopes Lea learns to develop the same work ethic she and Bradley, 47, have.

“I also don’t want to lose myself, as I love working,” she told Inez in the interview. “I remember one day my daughter came back from kindergarten and she goes ‘Oh, you’re going to work? I want you to stay.’ And she starts crying and I said ‘Do you see that we have lights on in the house and we have food [on the table]? That’s why mommy and daddy have to go to work.’ I want to raise a woman and teach her how my grandmother and my mother taught me, where you have to work hard.”

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While Irina acknowledges having famous parents results in Lea “being raised in different conditions,” she noted it’s important to set boundaries.

“You can’t give her access to certain things [in order] for her to understand that you need to work hard to get something in your life,” she added. “[After that], then I said ‘Look, mama is going to buy you a present but if she doesn’t work, we don’t have money [to buy it].’ And she goes ‘Okay, mama, go to work.'”

While fans continue to speculate about Irina and Bradley’s relationship status, one thing is for sure: Lea comes first. In fact, the cover star and the actor have been spotted hanging out and enjoying family vacations together over the years.

As for where Bradley and Irina currently stand, a source told E! News earlier this month there’s “nothing official.”

“They never stopped loving and caring about each other,” the insider said. “They love their daughter and being a family. They enjoy spending time together and are doing more of it lately. They are in a great place and very happy.”

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