Interview With the Vampire Star Teases Season 2 Details

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Following the bloody season one finale of AMC’s Interview With the Vampire, star Jacob Anderson teased what’s to come for season two. See what he said.

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With the coffin shut on season one of Interview With the Vampire, let’s turn our attention to season two.

The AMC series, which is an adaptation of Anne Rice‘s 1976 novel of the same name, was renewed for a second season before it even made its debut on Oct. 2. However, after taking in the intoxicating new adaptation, we can’t say we’re surprised.

The show has made some key changes from its original source material, including moving up the time period from the 18th century to the 20th century, making the main character Louis (Jacob Anderson) a Black vampire, aging up youthful vampire Claudia (Bailey Bass) to be a teenager rather than a child and confirming vampires Louis and Lestat (Sam Reid) to be a queer couple. All of these tweaks allowed 2022’s Interview With the Vampire to be its own, wildly successful story—and ultimately hinted that more changes may be on the horizon.

So, in order to get some insight into what’s to come, E! News had its own interview with the vampire and asked Jacob Anderson himself about what he could tease about season two.

Sink your teeth into his answers below!

E! News: In the finale, Lestat is not burned and is instead left at the dump, implying he’s still alive. Can you definitively say if we will see Lestat in season two?

Jacob Anderson: Yes, I can definitively say that you will see Lestat in season two.

E!: Season two ends with Louis and Claudia fleeing New Orleans. Are they heading to Paris or somewhere else first?

JA: I think it’s safe to say that Claudia and Louis are heading for the European region of the world. They’re heading towards Europe.

E!: Viewers were blown away when it was revealed that Rashid, Louis’ assistant, was actually Armand, a fan favorite vampire from Anne’s book series. How early on did you know about this reveal?

JA: I knew that the first time I spoke to [creator] Rolin Jones on FaceTime after I was cast. The first conversation we had, he was like, ‘Rashid is Armand.’ I think Assad Zaman [who plays Rashid/Armand] was told halfway through his audition process.

Alfonso Bresciani/AMC

E!: Was it a secret kept from the cast and crew?

JA: I don’t know if the crew all knew, actually. I think it might have been a secret. It was definitely not something that we were supposed to talk about.

E!: Can you tell us why Armand went by Rashid in season one?

JA: I cannot.

E!: Will Louis appear in AMC’s Mayfair Witches, which is also an Anne Rice adaptation?

JA: I don’t know what I can and can’t say about that show. But I’m very excited to see it.

Season one of Interview With the Vampire is available to stream on AMC+.

(This interview has been edited and condensed for length and clarity.)

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