I Wear These Under-$100 Rain Boots Even When It’s Not Raining

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They’re simple, practical and go with everything.

Madewell Zip-Up Lugsole Rain Boots, $69.99 (from $88), available here.

Madewell Zip-Up Lugsole Rain Boots, $69.99 (from $88), available here.

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A big part of the reason I moved to Los Angeles was its lack of inclement weather and, thus, the lack of consideration I have to give cold-weather gear. But I recently decided that I should own at least one pair of rain boots for trips to locales with more varied forecasts. Given my general distaste for boots and my budget — I didn’t want to spend a lot on something I wouldn’t use a lot — my expectations were pretty low for being able to find something I actually liked. 

In a strange twist, I ended up with a pair of boots I find myself wanting to wear even when it’s not raining — for under $100.

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I happened upon these Madewell boots on a trip to my local outdoor mall, and while I wasn’t initially blown away, they fit my main requirements: simple, black, practical and inexpensive without looking cheap. It wasn’t until I took them home that I realized how great they look (with straight-leg jeans, especially). They create a nice silhouette with the not-too-chunky lug soles. I find myself reaching for them on chillier days instead of the sneakers or loafers I normally would’ve gone for. Am I a boot person now?

Madewell Zip-Up Lugsole Rain Boots, $70 (from $88), available here.

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