I Tried the Shiseido Urban Environment Vita-Clear Sunscreen SPF 42 For Glowy Skin — Editor Review

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Unlike the pros surveyed for old-school chewing gum commercials, five out of five dermatologists recommend sunscreen. (In fact, they recommend applying and re-applying it every day, even when indoors.) So it’s critical that we find formulas that are comfortable, blend in with our skin tones, and that we love wearing. Shiseido Urban Environment Vita-Clear Sunscreen SPF 42 is one of mine.

Senior editor Jesa Marie Calaor holding the Shiseido Urban Environment Vita-Clear Sunscreen SPF 42.

My skin is very dry and my biggest skin concerns are post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and dullness. I was thrilled when Shiseido launched this SPF back in March 2023 because I am a long-time user of their sun protection and this product sounded like it was made for me. As the label reads, it contains vitamin C and licorice — perfect for upping my radiance and tackling any dark spots — as well as moisture-attracting hyaluronic acid.

To use it, I made sure to shake the bottle before twisting off the cap. It has a dispensing tip that, when you squeeze the bottle gently, releases the milky gel formula. Board-certified dermatologist Mona Gohara, MD, told me to apply a nickel-sized amount to my face, neck, and ears, as well as a nickel-sized amount to the back of my hands. “For those of us who drive to work need it, as UV light comes right through the windows of a car,” she says.

As I massaged the SPF onto the areas Dr. Gohara mentioned, I noticed that the gel melted down into an extremely slippery liquid. I let it sit for a few minutes and my skin felt velvety soft with an ever-so-slight slickness. My complexion looked diffused — as if I had a soft, blurring filter on my skin — and glowy when the sun hit it.

Calaor wearing the Shiseido Urban Environment Vita-Clear Sunscreen SPF 42 without complexion makeup indoors.

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