I Feel So Soothed Watching Kim Kardashian Brush North West’s Hair — See Video

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It’s no secret that North West is hilarious and talented. We often get glimpses of the 9-year-old’s hair and makeup tutorials as well as many candid moments from her and her family’s lives via her joint TikTok account with her mom, Kim Kardashian. On February 7, the mother-daughter duo shared a short hairstyling video in which Kardashian detangled and brushed West’s hair into a messy low bun.

The video starts with Kardashian spritzing West’s hair with water before proceeding to brush through her daughter’s curls with a brush to eliminate any knots or tangles. West took over with the water bottle for a bit until she began spreading a large dollop of Eco Style Olive Oil Gel on her curls, which were parted down the middle. As she applied the gel, SZA’s “Good Days” played in the background. 

Kardashian and West mouthed the lyrics together in the midst of styling, and at one point, West danced to SZA’s lyrics while spraying the water bottle randomly. The video skips throughout the process, so we don’t get to see every second of styling. But soon, West popped up on the screen with her hair slicked back into what looked like her mom’s signature flip bun.

The style, of course, wasn’t finished until West got her baby hairs together. Using Ebin 24 Hour Edge Tamer and a black edge styling brush, she began to slick her edges. We then see the end result, a hairline full of swoops and loops. The last step involved West swiping what we assume is a wax stick on her hair for extra long-lasting hold.

At the end of January, West and her baby sister, Chicago, brought us to tears with a super cute TikTok video where the sisters styled each other’s baby hairs. Now, West and Kardashian have blessed us with an adorable and calming video.

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