I Don’t Think I’ve Ever Seen Khloé Kardashian This Freaking Blonde — See the Photos

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How blonde can you go? If you’re Khloé Kardashian, the limit does not exist! Kardashian just keeps getting blonder and blonder, and her current shade may be the lightest she’s ever been, ever.

In a new photo posted to her Instagram, Kardashian looked like the definition of summer in her pearly platinum color and a vibrant siren red lip. Kardashian, who had light hair as a kid, has experimented with practically every shade of the blonde spectrum in recent years, but this may be her brightest, blondest look ever. (As a former platinum blonde myself, I know how fun it is to go lighter … and lighter … and lighter.) Her roots are invisible, leading me to believe she recently visited the salon for a touch-up, and the color is perfectly toned to a uniform platinum hue without any brassy patches or lilac tone from too much purple shampooing. (Been there.) Kardashian wore her hair in long, loose waves, which kept the look modern and not costumey with the red lipstick and her vintage-inspired dress.

Kardashian’s blonde has evolved a lot over the years. In the early days of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, she had dark hair like her sisters, but starting going back to her blonde roots with ombré during the height of the trend’s power and eventually reaching for the bleach with bright and light blonde tones. She’s been a beachy, sandy warm blonde, a caramel blonde and a golden bronde, and every subtle shade tweak looks stunning on her. However, there’s something about the platinum that really sets Kardashian apart from the rest of her fam and suits her fun-loving nature.

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