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A very Scorpio-season gift guide, by a fashion-obsessed astrologer.

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A very Scorpio-season gift guide, by a fashion-obsessed astrologer.

Congratulations! By the time you’re reading this article — which I promise is related to fashion — you’ve made it through a giant chunk of eclipse season, probably had an epiphany about your supposed life purpose, possibly met who you think is the love of your life and might have had an encounter with an event that felt (or will feel) fated.

It’s not you, it’s me. If the stars in the sky could talk right now, that’s probably what they would say about the current ~celestial climate~. It’s intense, chaotic and out of control, especially for those with Scorpio, Taurus, Leo and Aquarius placements in their charts.

On Oct. 25, the solar eclipse in Scorpio was in conjunction with the South node, and asked us to release anything that doesn’t serve us in the house where we have Scorpio in our charts. And if you don’t do it yourself, eclipse season will most definitely do it for you — whether it’s releasing a relationship, a job or a mindset that has been getting in the way of your destined paths.

Nov. 8 brings a lunar eclipse in Taurus, which is more intense than the last eclipse — not only because it’s also happening during spooky Scorpio season, but also because of its conjunction to the North node, Uranus (which is the planet of surprises) and its hard-aspecting opposition to the South node and personal planets, Mercury and Venus (planets of communication, love and money). This will rush in to suddenly open up a new chapter in our lives, specifically in the house in which we have Taurus in our charts.

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In other words: C-H-A-O-S.

Still, with rulers Pluto and, traditionally, Mars, Scorpio season (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21) is the sexiest time of the year, and every Scorpio will have that be known. Scorpios are famously fashionable (Anna Wintour, Calvin Klein, Kendall Jenner, Alexa Chung and Lauren Hutton are just a few of the industry’s Scorpio stars) and here at Fashionista, there are not one, not two, but three Scorpios on staff, including the person editing this (ed note: it’s me, Dhani), so it’s very much our time to shine.

With the holidays coming up and birthdays in full swing, I’ve compiled a gift guide to commemorate the allure, magic and sensuality in the air. (Scroll all the way through to see a few supplemental picks by our in-house Scorpios Dhani, Ana and Liza, as well.) 

blumarine butterfly belt

Blumarine Gold Butterfly Belt, $595, available here: Butterflies. What you know as a “pretty privilege” insect, nature’s angels and the emoji of choice on every girl’s Instagram bio at one point is, more seriously in Astrology, the symbol of radical transformation and the most significant, defining characteristic of Scorpio. A gold-tone chain link belt and a yellow tulle butterfly-printed blouse (next slide) from Blumarine are the perfect gifts for the evolving scorpio in your life.


Blumarine Yellow Tulle Blouse, $550, available here (sizes 42-46).

chan luu necklace

Chan Luu Blue Evil Eye Necklace With Champagne Diamond, $165, available hereScorpio is the ruler of the eighth house, which is home to the darkest themes in astrology. This house is the ruler of all things related to other people’s money such as debt, investments, taxes and loans, as well as death, sex, the occult, secrets, extremities, destruction, obsession, evil and mystery.

To ward off the ~supernatural darkness~ this season, I recommend arming yourself with a blue opaline glass evil eye necklace from Vietnamese jewelry designer Chan Luu. 

brandon blackwood bag

Brandon Blackwood Mini Kendrick Trunk in Citirine Mini Crystals, $375, available hereA beautiful shade of golden yellow, the citrine crystal is one of Scorpio’s most favorable birthstones. Carrying a citrine crystal with you ensures confidence, magnetic power and abundance. But because this is an article dedicated to fashion, I instead recommend carrying a citrine-colored purse — it’s more expensive than a $5 crystal, but the right amount of chic.

apoc sunglasses

TD Kent NFT Glasses, $287, available hereThe easiest way to a Scorpio’s heart (if you ever make it there) is through their intense eyes — and, sartorially, a new pair of sunglasses (*cough* Anna Wintour *cough*). How else are they supposed to stay hot and mysterious if they’re not hiding in plain sight?

Experimental eyewear designer TD Kent creates made-to-order, intricately designed sunglasses in an array of colors that will certainly activate your spidey, scorpionic and intuitive senses. 

chloe sevigny warby parker

Chloë Sevigny X Warby Parker Tate Sunglasses, $145, available here: “Or, pick up a pair of Warby Parkers designed in collaboration with Scorpio fashion icon Chloë Sevigny. The coolest.” —Dhani Mau, Editor in Chief

la perla lingerie

La Perla Honeycomb Shadows Cutout Leavers Lace, Tulle and Stretch-Silk Bustier Top, $1,140, available here and Briefs, $405, available hereIt was Christian Dior — designer of dreams, class and The New Look — who said, “Real elegance is everywhere, especially in the things that don’t show.” Was he referring to lingerie? Probably not. But in the name of a sexy, sensual and seductive Scorpio season, if you’re not buying some lingerie this season (or getting someone to buy some for you), you’re doing Dior dirty.

Lingerie powerhouse La Perla — famous for its embroidered tulle, corsetry and elaborate lacing — vows that our undergarments shall be just as fashionable as the visible clothing on our bodies. The brand uses Leavers lace, the finest lace in the world, to construct its lingerie. I give my stamp of approval on the brand’s honeycomb mesh black (Scorpio-ruled color) corset: You can wear it with a pair of matching lace briefs for a night in, or team it up with a pair of leather pants or jeans for a fun date night out. Functional, sexy and multi-use!

gucci snake ring

Gucci Silver Garden Snake Ring, $380, available here“I asked my Scorpio rising BFF Alex for jewelry recs for this gift guide and, of course, she sent me a ring from Gucci and a gorgeous pair of serpent hoop earrings from the British jewelry atelier Latelita. The common denominator? Both pieces of jewelry have snake designs on them.

latelita earrings

Latelita Cleopatra Serpent Snake Hoop Earrings, $114, available hereAlex, verbatim, said, “As a scorpio rising, these spoke to me.” What makes this statement absolutely surreal to me (but also, duh, because that’s just how astrology works) is that Scorpio rules over snakes in astrology due to their cunning, slithering and lusty mannerisms. 

alexander mcqueen scarf

Alexander McQueen Skull Silk Scarf, $345, available hereDeath…. hard to talk about, but easy to wear — especially if you’ve survived the mid-2000’s Alexander McQueen skull scarf epidemic. Instead of waiting for the cyclical nature of fashion to introduce these scarves again (which, naturally, will be very soon), get ahead of the curve — in true Scorpio character — and buy a new one or repurpose an old one.

anissa kermiche bookends

Anissa Kermiche Happy Book Ending Set, $371, available hereYour home is an extension of yourself and deserves to get all dressed up, too. This Anissa Kermiche book-end set accentuates the outlines of the curvaceous feminine body and brings a slight touch of elegant eroticism to any living space. 

ysl opium perfume Large

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Eau de Parfum Extreme, $83-$139, available hereAn importan, but overlooked element of beauty and sensuality lies in scent. Perfume — depending on the mood you’re going for — can act as an aphrodisiac and entice sexual desire (ooh la la) and confidence. Yves Saint Laurent’s Black Opium Eau de Parfum Extreme is the darkest interpretation of the iconic warm-and-spicy perfume. The key notes are the same: hints of coffee, jasmine and a yummy vanilla. But the smell is more intense and the bottle is darker and edgier, an ode to Creative Director Anthony Vaccarello’s aesthetic at the brand. 

comme des garcons wallet

Comme Des Garçons Fringed Wallet, $277, available hereScorpio loves depth, and depth is anything but basic. Still, Scorpio doesn’t like to stand out too much. This leather fringed Comme Des Garçons wallet is the best balance of unconventional and simple. The fringe puts the wallet (and your money) in the spotlight, but the black tones keep it out of fashion’s limelight. 

obgff ironically hot

OGBFF Ironically Hot Baby Tee, $45, available here“We all know Scorpios are hot, but they’re not going to make a whole thing about it — hence why this self-deprecating T-shirt really speaks to us.” —DM

aligheri scorpio ring

Alighieri Scorpio Signet Ring, $361, available here“I like this subtle take on the Zodiac signet ring, with an abstract scorpion embossed on the brass.” —Ana Colón, Deputy Editor

rick owens sneaker

Rick Owens Drkshdw Black Converse Edition Turbodrk Chuck 70 Hi Sneakers, $205, available here“Few things make more sense than Rick Owens being a Scorpio.” —AC


Valfré Celestial Scorpio Bundle, $70 (from $100), available here“Nothing screams ‘SCORPIO!’ quite like a themed bundle that includes a pipe, candle, grinder, lighter *and* temporary tattoo.” —Liza Sokol, Audience Development Manager

Please note: Occasionally, we use affiliate links on our site. This in no way affects our editorial decision-making. 

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