How To Get on TikTok’s For You Page

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TikTok, with over 1 billion monthly users, has become a social media powerhouse in recent years. As the platform grows and evolves, inevitably so does its influencer marketing landscape. These impressive usage numbers boost influencer and marketer reach, but also boost competition for likes and views. Crafting the perfect content takes understanding the algorithm. Once you understand the algorithm, then you craft your strategy. Using strategies like hashtags, posting times, and algorithm “hacks” can help you get your content on the TikTok FYP.

TikTok’s For You Page Algorithm

Despite the potential for viewership, collaborations, and revenue, success on TikTok hinges on understanding its algorithm. Mastering its workings and strategies for perfect content increases chances of reaching relevant users’ For You pages.

This user activity from your targeted niche audience can be broken down into several subsections, all of which impact your videos’ success: 

  4. Views & Re-watches
  5. Followings

In addition to user activity, content type also influences the ways TikTok puts optimal content on people’s FYP. “The system recommends content by ranking videos based on a combination of factors,” TikTok representatives admit, “starting from interests you express as a new user, and adjusting for things you’re not interested in.” TikTok detects content types based on these details:

  1. Sounds
  2. Hashtags
  3. Video Transcripts
  4. Caption Words

User’s Likes and Dislikes

Again, TikTok’s For You page algorithm focuses on recommended content based on user preferences just as much as user dislikes – also known as the “not interested” signal. Since TikTok derives the value of posts based on User Activity, it is logical that they would attribute negative values to content that the user does not like. They judge negative reactions based on these metrics:

  1. Videos that people click “Not Interested” on
  2. Content that people may skip through (or not watch fully) 

Audio: TikTok will put your content into a subcategory based on the audio you decide to use. This is why using the top popular TikTok sounds will push your content onto the FYP not only for those people who show a pattern of interaction with that audio, but also because trending audios often label your content as trending, as well. The more people who are looking for, perusing, or attracted to certain sounds – the more successful your content usage of it will be. 

Location: Lastly, TikTok will analyze your language preferences, posting location, and device type to optimize content. Despite online discourse that suggests otherwise, the algorithm does not take into account follower counts of creators or whether or not they’ve had previously high-performing content. What this means for content strategy and marketing campaigns is that the biggest, most “influential” creators with large followings aren’t always going to be reaching the For You page – unless they have a decent understanding of the algorithm and its ever-changing nature. 

Length of TikTok Videos

Despite evidence that suggests user’s attention spans are rapidly decreasing, TikTok’s For You page algorithm seems to favor longer videos over shorter ones – especially with the addition of 10 minute videos within the app. So, in some cases, videos between 3 and 10 minutes long can have a better chance of reaching the For You page and boasting views than a shorter 10 second or 1 minute video might. 

Of course, the length of videos hasn’t been explicitly called out by TikTok’s information on the algorithm – so for many creators, it’s simply to test out everything, both short and long content. Being that one staple of the algorithm is full viewership, in addition to the frequency at which users are “skipping” through videos, it could also be important to prioritize shorter videos – those more likely to be watched completely – depending on your content style and niche. 

Find that Niche

WIth such a low barrier to entry and an incredibly large volume of users, TikTok success no longer comes from simply jumping on trends, copying larger influencers’ content, or making things up as you go. Finding a niche that you truly feel passionate about, and have the expert knowledge to succeed within, is essential to finding success on the platform. 

By interweaving these interesting subjects with already existing TikTok communities, you’ll not only be able to draw in new viewers but post content that attracts users of different niches. 

Visual Attractiveness & Allure

Unsurprisingly, we’re drawn to attractive content – so contributing useful information, poetic insights on life, or fun sounds aren’t the only things drawing viewership to your videos or helping it reach TikTok’s For You page. Captivating your audience with specific engaging tactics is the key to keeping viewers both engaged and interested with what you have to offer or show. 

While new time limits allow for more information to be shared, keeping users engaged is essential. If you’re talking to your screen, keep things engaged. For example, start your video with some kind of movement to the camera. Some creators opt to share storytimes while doing their makeup, giving tips on the workplace during their evening walk, or even using hand and body language while speaking. 

Another tactic creators have found success using is overlaying posts from other platforms on their videos. Whether it’s a Reddit screenshot or an article photo you’re discussing, viewers are more drawn to and likely to engage with something they’re stimulated by seeing (as well as hearing). 

You have to be cognizant of how visually entertaining or beautiful your post is, regardless of how interesting you might find the subject matter. A great and easy way to apply professional-quality effects to your videos is using TikTok templates, filters, or quick visual effects. 

Use The Top Popular TikTok Sounds

In addition to interesting and engaging visual cues, using trending audio sounds on TikTok can boost your content and give you a better chance of making it onto the For You page. Before you choose a sound, make sure that it either relates or makes sense with your content, or even silence it while you talk/show something else on screen. 

Be creative and mindful of what sounds you’re using. Choosing the top Billboard hits of the week might not necessarily bring you success, but choosing something that’s both trending on the app and pairs well with your video might. 

Use Trending Hashtags

In order to push your content, look at popular content in your niche and study which hashtags they use. Just using popular hashtags like “FYP” will not help your content as much since almost every video uses these hashtags. Doing a quick Google search of trending TikTok hashtags or perusing your own For You page might give you an insight into what kinds of videos people within your niche are engaging with. 

For example, here are some of the top trending hashtags this month

  • #thetorturedpoetsdepartment
  • #insideout2
  • #juneteenth
  • #tyladance

Interact With Users in Your Niche

Whether you’re a small creator, new user, or influential brand – interacting with others on the app is essential to pushing your own content to a larger audience. Like other creators’ videos, comment on their posts, and, most importantly, use the duet, stitch, and repost features to your advantage. 

Think about brands like Duolingo on TikTok – they’re constantly interacting with content they’re mentioned in, other creators within their niche, and even commenting on trending videos to increase their brand’s visibility and social awareness. 


Let’s quickly recap how to get on TikTok’s For You page. Keep these tips in mind when you want your content to gain traction and reach a wider audience. 

How to get on TikTok’s For You page in 2024:

  1. Be cognizant of the length of your videos.
  2. Find your niche (or niches) on the app. 
  3. Keep your content visually entertaining.
  4. Use one of the top popular TikTok sounds in your content.
  5. Interact with other users in your niche.
  6. Use hashtags strategically.

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