How Third Eye Ape Society is Bringing Value to its Members


NFTs are a unique form of assets in the digital space that can be bought and resold just like any other property. NFTs can sometimes be tangible. This is possible through the tokenized ability of the NFTs to create a digital certificate as proof of ownership. Anchored on blockchain technology, NFTS also offers smart contracts for artists. 

Third Eye Ape Society is arguably one of the leading communities in the NFT industry. It offers its members a wide range of exceptional benefits. One of its notable giveaways takes the form of the Ethereum currency. Additionally, Third Eye Ape Society also reserves five Amazon stores a month and a supercar as part of their top gifts for its members. This sets the bar high for other ape societies within the NFT space. 

With the ever-increasing market competition in the industry, there stands a continuous need for the industry players to focus on offering unique products. To counter this competition, Third Eye Ape Society leverages its real-life value to community holders to remain competitive. This includes presenting them with giveaways, training, and development investment funds. This makes Third Eye Ape Society the most engaged NFT community designed to bring wealth and wisdom to its members. 

Third Eye Ape Society is also set to purchase an Island in a metaverse owned and led by holders as IP rights to use. They will also be hosting digital live music events on that island, all for the benefit of their members. 

Third Eye Ape Society has also hinted at dropping some classic merchandise soon. This will be an exclusive merch line for the Third Eye Ape Society members. 

To anyone still doubting the potential of blockchain technology or NFTs, the Third Eye Ape Society advises it’s time you dropped that perception. It’s a revolutionary technology that is definitely going to take over the world in the coming years. 

 “I wish I would have paid attention when I first heard of NFT, before BAYC launch, I wish someone would have told me the growth potential,” explains one of the Third Eye Ape Society founders. 

For the coming years, Third Eye Ape Society is looking to expand its market reach and impact on society. The goal is to sell out and grow to a BAYC or CP status. BAYC is an abbreviation for Bored Ape Yacht Club, a collection of 10000 unique Bored Ape NFTs. Essentially, these are unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain. 

CP is an abbreviation for CoinPark Token, which is an Ethereum ERC20 standard token. It is claimed that CP is generated through the “transaction is mining” method, with a total of 10 billion, of which miners excavated 60%, and the remaining 40% was pre-issued and frozen. This is a strategic move that will also see the Third Eye Ape Society continue to bring value to its members from different world regions. You can check them out on Twitter, Discord, Facebook, and Instagram.


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