How Shaquille O’Neal Scored an Invitation to Ex-Wife Shaunie’s Wedding

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Shaunie Henderson Gave Ex Shaquille O’Neal a “Courtesy” Invite to Wedding

To score an invite to Shaunie Henderson‘s wedding, you may need to jump through some hoops.

Close to six months after the Basketball Wives star married Pastor Keion Henderson in a fairytale wedding, the couple is ready to document their road to the altar for a new VH1 special titled Shaunie & Keion’s Destination “I Do.”

Along the way, viewers will find out who was able to score an invite, including Shaunie’s ex-husband Shaquille O’Neal.

“My daughter had her sweet 16,” Shaunie shared with E! News in an exclusive interview. “She turned 16 in May right before the wedding so we were at the birthday party together and he’s like, ‘Well, am I invited to the wedding?’ And I was like, ‘Of course you are.’ And I’m rolling my eyes like, ‘I mean you are, but do you really have to come?’ But I mean, that’s our banter, right? I know people will take that and run with it. But that’s been our banter.”

According to Shaunie, the former NBA player really wasn’t coming, “but he got the courtesy invite.” 

She and Shaq, who were married for nine years before divorcing in 2011, have remained friendly while co-parenting their children: Myles, 25, Shareef, 22, Amirah, 21, Shaqir, 19, and Me’arah, 16.

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“We’re cool,” she said. “We’ve been co-parenting for 12 years and we had to get to some space where we were able to communicate and remain friends. It’s not this talk everyday thing, but we come together for the kids and we respect each other’s space and the places that we are in.”

As for that wedding invite, she admitted, “I got put on the spot,” adding with a laugh, “What was I supposed to do?”

While Shaunie’s husband has yet to meet Shaq in person, it’s not because of any beef or drama. Instead, Keion said it’s the simple reason of bad timing.

“It’s not an intentional thing,” Keion shared with E!. “He’s come to the house to pick the kids up and maybe I’m somewhere preaching. Our paths have led towards each other, but they haven’t crossed. I’m sure they will…We have nothing to compete about. I’m looking forward to meeting him as I would anybody who’s accomplished in life what they have like he has.”


Two people who had no problem scoring an invite to the big wedding were Shaunie’s Basketball Wives co-stars Jackie Christie and Evelyn Lozada.

Before any TV special was finalized, Shaunie knew she had to have her close girlfriends be part of the celebration.

“It’s just always been genuine love,” she explained. “You have ladies that are your friends and associates and then you have sisters and I consider them sisters. They were absolutely included and I knew that the audience would love to see them.”


Viewers will also love to see the chemistry between Shaunie and Keion as they start a new chapter as husband and wife. In the three-part special, fans will watch Shaunie embrace her new life as First Lady of Keion’s Lighthouse Church in Houston, Texas. 

The couple also hopes to showcase an example of love through reality TV that isn’t centered on drama or fights.

“I think the best part of this for me is that Keion genuinely makes me want to be a better person,” Shaunie said. “It’s just watching him make the decisions he makes, watching how he moves, watching how he loves and treats people.”

Keion added, “She has brought the most laughter I’ve ever had in my life. Just seeing the good, the humor, the positive side of just about everything. She helps me to find light and laughter.”

Shaunie & Keion’s Destination “I Do” premieres Nov. 28 at 9 p.m. on VH1.

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