Heather Magidsohn Consulting Is Hiring A Senior Account Executive In Los Angeles

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Heather Magidsohn Consulting is a dynamic, full service communications agency highly specialized in Public Relations, VIP Engagement and Marketing Services for both established and emerging fashion, accessory and lifestyle brands.

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Heather Magidsohn Consulting is looking to hire a senior candidate with 2 – 4 years of VIP experience in Fashion PR. Someone who thrives in a fast paced environment and is results oriented, personable, professional and thorough.

Responsibilities include:

● Manage all incoming requests and outreach to stylists to net VIP placements

● Lead all VIP seeding campaigns to talent

● Lead all influencer engagement, both for paid activations and gifting

● Monitor photo agencies, media sites and social channels to identify placements

● Secure media mentions and features around product placement

● Maintain ongoing sample activity

● Establish strong relationships with clients and network

● Develop and implement new strategic initiatives to increase brand visibility

Must have:

● Higher education degree

● Excellent writing skills

● Extensive knowledge in fashion, celebrity and entertainment culture

● Ability to self monitor time management and work effectively in a boutique office environment

● Positive energy

To Apply: Please send your resume to heather@heathermagidsohnconsulting.com.@heathermagidsohnconsulting

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