Halle Berry Just Made the Milk Bath Manicure Trend 10 Times More Fun — See Photos

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Sunday is ideally a day of rest and relaxation,  which can involve an at-home facial or warm bubble bath as you dread — I mean prepare — for Monday (ew).  Halle Berry‘s Sunday involved lots of self-care, namely in the form of a manicure that looks like the milk bath and Fourth of July nails all rolled into one. 

Berry shared her star-studded manicure on July 23 with the caption, “self care Sunday.” Nail artist Kim Truong filed and painted her squoval nails. Even though her nails barely stick out past her fingertips, Berry’s naturally deep nail beds don’t exactly make this a short manicure. 

Truong painted each nail with a sheer white polish similar to the hue people usually use for milk bath manicures. For a similar color, we recommend Essie nail polish in Marshmallow or Zoya nail polish in Adel. Kiss Gel Fantasy Nails in If You Care Enough is another great option if you rather not deal with the hassle of painting your nails at all.  

Truong drew three tiny stars in various shades and arranged them differently on each nail. For example, on Berry’s pinky finger, you can see a tiny silver star surrounded by red and white stars. But on her ring finger, she has yellow, cobalt-blue, and baby-pink stars that are roughly the same size. 

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