Hailey Bieber’s Latest Manicure Looks Completely Different In the Dark — See Photos

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A few days ago, we spotted Hailey Bieber with trendy lip gloss nails aka a shiny neutral manicure in a hue that matched her skin tone. But those nails were short-lived; ever the manicure enthusiast, Bieber swiftly replaced them with a neon-green manicure that —gasp — glows in the dark.

Bieber shared a few photos of her bright mani to Instagram Stories on April 13. In the first photo, you can see her almond-shaped nails painted with an electrifying green hue. Each nail had a unique web-like pattern painted with metallic golden nail polish. With the lights on, this manicure looked super cute already, but then in the next two photos, Bieber showed what this neon manicure looks like with the lights off. 

Her neon-green almond tips were glowing brightly, and the golden squiggles on her nails looked like an intricate black pattern. Halloween isn’t for a few more months, but this manicure will definitely be a popular choice for the spooky season when it does come around. 

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