Glenn Lutz: A MACHINE THAT MAKES @ Guts Gallery, London

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A few months back, in conjunction wit the release of his new book, There’s Light: Artworks & Conversations Examining Black Masculinity, Identity and Mental Well-Being, we sat down with Glenn Lutz on the Radio Juxtapoz podcast to speak about a broad range of topics regarding self-care, self-realization and mental health. Currently on view in London and in its final days, Lutz is presenting A Machine That Makes at Guts Gallery that features a series of lightboxes of portraits that speak to collective enlightenment and empowerment. 

As Lutz told Hypebeast, ““When we unpack our traumas individually and in communal settings; when we focus on our similarities and engage in healthy, vulnerable conversations with growth-minded individuals, and when we examine our biases, stereotypes, and experiences honestly, we begin to heal. That is what There’s Light is. It doesn’t only serve as a catalyst for healthy change in the black community, but it also creates light. I believe that light can be a small shift in the ever-growing battle for peace and justice in these tumultuous times.”

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