Glass Onion: Did You Spot This Elizabeth Holmes Easter Egg

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The inspiration behind this Glass Onion snapshot is now a solved mystery.

After eagle-eyed Twitter users spotted similarities, Edward Norton revealed the clever connection between his character Miles Bron, a tech billionaire, and Elizabeth Holmes, the former Theranos CEO who was sentenced to 11.25 years in prison for fraud-related charges.

Responding to film critic Jillian Chilingerian‘s tweet that showed side-by-side images of Holmes and Norton dressed in black turtlenecks and staring at an object they were holding, the Fight Club actor applauded the astute observation.

“Well-spotted but our reference photo was actually this one,” Norton replied on Jan. 3, posting a famous image of Holmes at a different angle, holding a capsule. He added that it “took a lot of tries to get that weird ‘crossed eye while trying to project seriousness’ just right!”

Did Norton get the look right? Chilingerian thought so, answering back, “I think you nailed the essence of Elizabeth Holmes.”

Glass Onion—Netflix’s Knives Out sequel that dropped Dec. 23—follows Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig), Andi Brand (Janelle Monáe), Birdie Jay (Kate Hudson) and Duke Cody (Dave Bautista) at a murder mystery party hosted by Miles Bron (Norton) on his private island.

Elizabeth Holmes reference aside, Norton and the rest of the Glass Onion cast had another challenge: being able to take on larger-than-life characters.

Netflix; Getty Images

“They’re all performing,” director Rian Johnson told Netflix’s Tudum in November. “They’re all operating in an elevated way. It’s not a family in the middle of New England working their stuff out. These are people who are all making their living, whether it’s as politicians or as rock star scientists, or as fashion magnates.”

Reflecting on the success of the first Knives Out film, Craig said creating the sequel was nerve-racking, but rewarding.

“We had such an amazing cast in the last one and I didn’t know how we were going to top that, but we’ve equaled it,” he told Tudum. “The working experience, just to come on set and make these movies is such fun.”

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