Gigi Hadid Wore Gray Lipstick and… Actually Made It Look Good? — See Photos

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You know the celebrities that go out on a limb to make the unthinkable work when it comes to beauty trends? Well, we say it’s time to take a moment to appreciate such bold choices, such as Doja Cat’s quirky makeup looks from Paris Fashion week — she still has us wondering how her shirt remained white with all that gold. And we certainly can’t leave out the Hadid sisters’ bleached brows for their own prance down the very same runways. It’s not much of a shocker, then, that Gigi Hadid went for something a bit odd and definitely bold for a recent red-carpet beauty moment. For the 2022 CFDA Fashion Awards on November 7, Hadid graced the carpet with an unconventional cool gray lipstick. 

I’ll be the first to admit that I did a double-take at first glimpse. No, it’s not your typical choice where a lipstick shade is concerned, but makeup artists Patrick Ta and Akina Shimizu were able to pull off this muted-yet-fresh-faced makeup look on Hadid. Catch me zooming in on those lips that are seemingly matte and glossy at the same time. We’re definitely not the only ones hoping the details will soon be dropped on what particular beauty brand this lipstick is made by. Nonetheless, this all-American color pallet is insanely cohesive. 

Let’s also not forget the striking blonde hair color and the sleek, slicked-back bun hair stylist Laura Polko put together to bring out the jewelry on Hadid’s ears and nose. My favorite part is the septum ring paired with the tartan-patterned Thom Browne attire styled by Mimi Cuttrell — it’s full-on grunge. I’m honestly tempted to break out my alternative pop-rock playlist, like, now.  

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