Gabrielle Union’s Side Bangs and Beanie Look Is So 2008 in the Best Way — See Photos

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Gabrielle Union is not one to shy away from a bayang. Throughout her time in the limelight, the actress has been known to experiment with different hairstyles, and her repertoire of ‘dos shows that she can pull off just about any bang — from ’70s-inspired curtain bangs to Donna Summer-Esque curly bangs. Now, Union is trying out yet another bang look from a bygone era. 

The star’s recent Instagram story featured a reel posted by her husband Dwyane Wade in which she’s wearing a long plaid skirt, camel trench coach, and a white beanie over a short sleek bob with a side swept bang. One look at the entire ensemble and you can’t help but wonder if Union’s inspo for date night was mid-2000s teen angst glam. 

Dwayne Wade via Instagram Reels

If you’re still not seeing the vision, just think about what your favorite Disney Channel star was wearing in 2008 and tell me it’s not uncannily similar. Not to mention the combo of the thin hoop earrings, the side bang, and the neck-length bob peeking out underneath the white beanie really kicks the nostalgia into overdrive. 

In the past few weeks, Union has worn two other side bang hairstyles — further solidifying her love for the fringe look. Back in November while promoting her film The Inspection, the actress paired her red New York and Company maxi dress with a top knot and face-framing side bangs courtesy of hairstylist Larry Sims. Just a few weeks later, Union attended a Broadway premiere in New York City wearing a sleek deep side bang with the rest of her hair pulled up in a mod ponytail with flipped ends. 

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