Gabrielle Union’s Extreme Side Bang Puts All Others to Shame – See Photo

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Rumor has it that Gabrielle Union‘s brushed-over side bangs stand as the leading contender against all other bayangs in the celebrity scene. Her latest look could solidify that status: On Tuesday, November 15, the star and her fringe arrived on the red carpet premiere of Disney’s animated film Strange World, which stars Union as the voice behind Meridian Clade.

For the red carpet portion of the viewing, the actor prevailed as a vision in pink. To complete the full look, hairstylist Larry Sims structured her hair in a top knot bun along with a bang that fell towards the right side of her face.

We did in fact ask for a plethora of hairstyles to come with her appearances leading up to the film’s debut, which is set to hit the theaters on November 23. And boy, she’s delivered so far, starting with the bouffant bang she wore for a Strange World press panel held one day prior on November 14. Now, Union’s side-swept fringe features an accent strand of pin-straight hair that falls out of the crown of the bun, lays atop the bang, grazes her cheekbone, and comes to a halt at the décolletage. 

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