Gabrielle Union Explains Why Truth Be Told Season 3 is Personal

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For inspiration on season three of Truth Be Told, all Gabrielle Union had to do was look around. 

The actress joins the cast of the Apple TV+ drama in its third season, premiering Jan. 20, which stars Octavia Spencer as podcaster and journalist Poppy Parnell. In season three, Gabrielle plays Eva, “an unorthodox principal,” according to the streamer, who works to keep the names of missing Black and brown girls in the headlines while “chasing down leads to a suspected sex trafficking ring.”

In an exclusive interview with E! News’ Justin Sylvester, Gabrielle explained how the season’s subject matter mirrors actual conversations that she and husband Dwyane Wade have had with their own children.

“We had to cover this early,” Gabrielle said. “We live in port cities. Port cities are hubs for human trafficking. You can think that you can price your way or educate your way or high socioeconomic status your way out of danger, and you absolutely cannot. That would be your first mistake.”

Gabrielle and Dwyane share daughter Kaavia James, 4, and Gabrielle is the step-mother to son Zaire, 20, daughter Zaya, 15 and son Xavier, 9. Dwyane is also the legal guardian of his nephew, Dahveon Morris, 21.

“We have to have these conversations,” Gabrielle continued. “We have to expand these conversations, so when trauma and abuse is happening to Black and brown girls, we believe them when they tell us. This is a symbiotic relationship that we have to have. When people speak, we have to listen and act. We can’t make folks complicit in their own abuse, like we do to Black and brown victims. We have to center and prioritize all pain, all trauma.”

Ultimately, Gabrielle explained it’s part of what makes Truth Be Told such a personal project. “That is why we take this show, this job, this subject matter so seriously,” she said, “because folks’ lives literally hang in the balance.”

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When it comes to having the tough discussions, Gabrielle urged that every child is different and, thus, every exchange should be, too.

“You gotta know your kid and you have to know how to reach them,” she said. “You have to have very honest, blunt, clear conversations. Our family lives out loud. We’ve been having to have difficult, uncomfortable conversations their whole lives.”

Season three of Truth Be Told premieres Jan. 20 on Apple TV+, with new episodes released weekly.

For more from the interview with Gabrielle and Octavia, watch E! News Jan. 26 at 11:30 pm. 

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