Fragrance Consultants Are Taking Over TikTok

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Via a digital form, Vernon asked my age, astrological sign, which fragrances I love and hate, the purpose of the perfume, budget (she can work with any price parameters), my current aesthetic, and my aspirational one. Vernon suggests including your favorite celebrities, colors, style trends, and fictional characters for inspiration.

Since Vernon usually doesn’t meet with her clients in-person, which would allow for back and forth conversation, she wants as much clarity and detail as possible. Even your Instagram handle, which Vernon gives the option to include, can be a useful clue.

Occasionally, Vernon asks follow up questions if her client’s responses indicate they’re a fellow “frag-head” (in which case, she might reach out to check on their familiarity with perfume suggestions she’s considering) or if their answers are too vague.

Vernon knows that some of her clients use perfume as a tool to embody their truest self, and others use it like playing dress-up, sharing a different iteration of their identity. One such client is Alexandra Pauly, a beauty editor at Highsnobiety with an extensive fragrance background, who had a consultation with Vernon in New York.

Pauly uses perfume as an accessory, complementing or contrasting with what she’s wearing. She also links it to her mood. “If I’m in a really good mood maybe I want something that’s really bright, sparkling, and citrusy; if I’m a little moody maybe I want something darker,” she says. “I think it’s about creating a character, just the way you do when you get dressed.”

Pauly thought Vernon’s consultation service was the perfect way for a scent newcomer to learn, but also saw its merit for an experienced perfume lover. “I think if you’re a collector who maybe has a gap in their collection, or if you’re looking for a certain fragrance for a specific occasion, it can be a very valuable service,” she says. After her own session with Vernon, Pauly ended up purchasing a bottle of Nasomatto Baroanda, which she mostly wears at night, due to the scent’s woody, whiskey top notes.


Nasomatto Baraonda Extrait de Parfum

Three main points inspired Vernon to recommend Baroanda: Pauly told Vernon she wanted to smell like an Olsen twin, wanted something unlike anything she owned, and was willing to spend up to $200. While her favorite notes vary (iris/violet, rose, galbanum, patchouli, leather, spices) Vernon picked Baroanda because Pauly’s favorite fragrances evoke a similar energy: “chic, but approachable.”

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