Florence Pugh Remixed Princess Diana’s Mixie Haircut for 2024 — See Photos

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It’s a well-known, incontrovertible scientific fact that Florence Pugh is a masterful grower-outer of super short haircuts. She basically spent most of 2023 proving that after shaving her head last May; that buzzcut was followed by several fantasy colors and a host of creative ways to wear short hair, from a spiky look to a faux-hawk. And her latest style takes iconic ’90s inspiration and gives it a very 2024 — and a very Florence Pugh — spin.

On Wednesday, February 14, Pugh attended the London photocall for Dune: Part Two wearing an asymmetrical, black, Maticevski jumpsuit, silver platforms, and a spiky, silver choker with complementary earrings. Like her costar Zendaya’s outfits on this press and premiere tour, Pugh’s ensemble had a futuristic feel, but her hair felt rather nostalgic. In fact, it seemed to channel one of the most famous mixies (for the uninitiated, that would be a mullet-pixie combo) of the 1990s: Princess Diana’s.

Princess Diana in 1995Getty Images

Much like Princess Diana wore her iconic hairstyle, Pugh’s hair was voluminous on top and tucked behind her ears, which helped give the longer area in the back feel like a fun, flirty mullet — especially with its flipped-up ends.

But there was something very 2024 about the look, too — a couple of things, actually. The platinum shade with high-contrast roots feel very now, as does the piecey finish. It’s the perfect balance of recent retro and contemporary touches.

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