Fátima de Juan Highlights “XOXO” in Seville

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Delimbo Gallery, Seville // January 18, 2024 – March 24, 2024

Fátima de JuanFátima de Juan

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Fátima de JuanFátima de Juan

Fátima de JuanFátima de Juan

Fátima de JuanFátima de Juan

Bel FullanaBel Fullana

Matija BobičićMatija Bobičić

Christina AllanChristina Allan

Delimbo Gallery in Seville, Spain has put on a collective exhibition including new works by Bel Fullana, past cover artist Fátima de Juan, Christina Allan and Matija Bobičić entitled, XOXO, on view this winter at the southern Spanish gallery. 

I remember when my mother used to braid my hair into mini braids so that the next day I could wear it with that strange style that was fashionable in the nineties.

I also recall how she would come up to my room every night to read to me after a long day of work, or how my father made me believe that our Renault 4L was “Kitt” from the once popular TV show Knight Rider because you could dent it and the tin it was made of would return to its original shape. Or that I had psychic powers because I could lift his arm just by looking at it. I also remember both of them making funny faces with pieces of fruit to get me to eat them, and countless other things.

In life, expressions of love can take many forms.

I remember, for example, when my best friend in school used to record cassette tapes for me, or when I lived alone in college and my friends brought me Tupperware containers of food from their homes.

I began to associate all these memories when I realized that every time Seleka cooks for me, it feels like he’s giving me a hug.

Whenever someone cooks something delicious for you, or sends you a song or a book, or when someone writes to you because they remember you while traveling or something good happens to them.

Even when you’re enjoying quality time by yourself.

Through this exhibition, we want to celebrate those small everyday acts that, in their simplicity, hold profound meaning.

That’s what ‘xoxo’ is all about. Hugs and kisses. —Laura Calvarro

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