Eva Longoria Shares What She Learned From Victoria Beckham

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Just call her Teacher Spice. 

Eva Longoria gave a glimpse into what she has learned from her longtime friend Victoria Beckham, and it can’t be limited to just one thing.

“I learned everything from her,” the Desperate Housewives alum exclusively told E! News while discussing the launch of the new Mott’s Snacks & Stories. She noted that Victoria has especially been a role model for being an “amazing businesswoman” and “great mother.” 

And Eva—who met Victoria through her ex-husband Tony Parker, per Today—is no stranger to supporting the singer’s business endeavors. During Paris Fashion Week in September, the Devious Maids actress had a front-row seat at Victoria’s Womenswear Spring/Summer 2024 show, which she called “beautiful.”

Of course, in between travels, the Flamin’ Hot director also made time to watch Victoria and husband David Beckham‘s Netflix documentary Beckham. 

“So many things they did were so innovative,” Eva gushed. “In storytelling for a documentary and the way they did the shots, the way that they would see the games, and David talks about it through the lens—it was genius.”

But along with supporting her pals, Eva is busy being a mom to son Santi, 5, who she shares with husband José Bastón. And one thing the mother-son duo likes to do together? Read.

“My aunt gave him a book of saints because we’re Catholic,” Eva told E!. “And he’s obsessed with all the saints. And he loves me to read the same book all the time. But he goes in phases.”

She added, “We usually read bilingual books, so making sure you can read in English and Spanish.”

But when it comes to which books Santi wants read, Eva admitted, “We do a content negotiation.”

And these days, Eva goes all out when it comes to bedtime stories. “I do the voices. I act it out,” she confessed. “Now, my husband does story time.”

Darren Gerrish/WireImage for White Company

But books aren’t the only things Santi wants in large quantities. He also is racking up Halloween costumes in anticipation of Oct. 31.

“He’s got like eight!” Eva said. “There’s only one night, so he’s definitely excited. Most of us can’t eat. We just went to the dentist yesterday. And the dentist was like, ‘Not too much candy,’ because he’s a little candy monster.”

For a look at Eva’s best mom moments, keep reading.


Travel Buddies

“Summer where are you?” Eva Longoria wrote on Instagram as her son wore a matching set from the Kaavia James Union-Wade x Janie and Jack Collection. “We are ready!!!!”


Snuggle Time

“Post-Mother’s Day snuggles,” Eva wrote on Instagram while wearing matching Peregrine Kidswear with her son. 

Disneyland Days

The actress celebrated her son’s first birthday at Disneyland, sharing an adorable moment with Mickey Mouse. 


Messy Mom Buns

“Hey @chrissyteigen is this the official hairstyle of breast feeding?” Eva Longoria joked as she rocked a messy bun while cuddling her newborn son.


Santiago Goes to Work

“First day back to work and look who is my assistant director! He has a desk and everything!” the star joked with baby Santiago on Instagram. 


6 Month Birthday

Eva Longoria posted this sweet moment between her son and her son in honor of his 6 month birthday. “My sweet angel, you are 6months today and it feels like you were just born yesterday!” she wrote. “Although I can’t remember my life without you. Your laughter melts my heart in ways you will never know.”


Learning Politics Early

“It’s never too early to learn about your candidates,” the actress joked on Instagram while reading a voting pamphlet with her 11 month-old son, urging her followers to educate themselves for the midterm elections. 


Poolside Hangouts

“Ready for a dip in the pool!” the A-list actress posted alongside a photo of her and her son wearing similar hats on Instagram.


Directed by … Santiago!

“I think I found our next director,” Eva Longoria joked while on the set of Blackish. 


Birthday Kisses

Eva Longoria posted this heart-warming photo on her birthday adding, “Thank you all so much for all the birthday wishes!! I’m having the best day with my loved ones and getting a lot of kisses from my Santi baby!”


Nap Time

“Will he always hold me like this?” the star jokingly asked while sharing a photo of nap time with her son. 

Travel Buddies

“Ya’ll like my new carry-on?” the actress joked on Instagram


Snack Time

The Grand Hotel executive producer shared this adorable photo of her “Santi” eating bread together. “Us. Just chilling and eating bread. #Moments,” she wrote.  

Beach Baby

Eva Longoria posted this cute picture of her and her son sitting poolside on vacation. 


Sunset Dances

“Dancing to the sunset!” Eva Longoria shared on her Instagram while on vacation with her son Santiago. 


Smiley Saturday

“Ma’ boy!” the world-renowned actress shared on Instagram


Foot Kisses?

The Jane the Virgin star shared this hilarious, and maybe unsanitary photo with her 6.7 million Instagram followers. 

Strolling Through Italy

The actress wandered through the streets of Italy with her newborn son, adding “Most of Italy is so beautiful, it looks like the backlot of a movie studio!” 


Spaghetti for Mother’s Day

“My first Mother’s Day! I don’t even remember life before this little piece of love entered it,” Eva Longoria shared on her first Mother’s Day as a new mom. 


Vacation Time!

The actress posted this adorable photo on her Instagram, adding “Vacation Mode!” 


Meeting Victoria Beckham

Eva Longoria introduced her newborn son to friend Victoria Beckham in Paris prior to Fashion Week.

Instagram / Eva Longoria

First Christmas

The Desperate Housewives star got into Christmas spirit by dressing up baby Santiago in an adorable festive outfit for his first Christmas. 


Cannes Moments

“My ray of sunshine!” the actress posted on Instagram while in Cannes for the Cannes Film Festival. 

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