Don’t Mind Me, Just Admiring Gigi Hadid’s Supernaturally Good Hair Day — See the Photos

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Gigi Hadid always has great hair, but there must have been something in the shampoo bowl water for her latest look, because it’s beyond.

Hadid was just spotted in New York City in a neutral spring outfit of baggy chino pants, a pale green silk one-shoulder top and an oversized blazer layered over the top, plus a pair of city-friendly black oxford flat shoes. The ‘fit is perfect, per usual with the supermodel and Next in Fashion host, but it’s her hair that I can’t get over. Her long, thick honey butter blonde hair was worn loose around her shoulders in the most gorgeous bombshell waves that feel simultaneously like they were styled by a blowout pro but also just whipped up by the model at home — the ideal fusion of casual, undone effortlessness and supermodel polish Hadid is known for.

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But seriously, look at that hair. Since her early days in the spotlight, Hadid has had a beachy, Malibu Barbie-esque allure regardless of what she’s wearing on the runway, even in thick winged bird of prey eyeliner or gray lipstick. This blonde has everything: a hint of lived-in roots, ribbons of darker color in her under layers, a bright pop near her face and a warm tone that makes her just glow. It’s the good hair day to end all hair days, basically.

Hadid has been on a bit of a hair journey over the past few years. She dabbled in fiery auburn red and “expensive brunette” before bleaching her hair back to a near-white platinum blonde, then returning to her old faithful wheat blonde once more. Of course she looks good in all the shades of the rainbow she tries out, but there’s just something about blonde Hadid that really hits. These are the kind of glam waves Barbie could only dream about.

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