Danessa Myricks Beauty Lightwork Volume IV Transcendence Palette Review 2022: See the Stunning Eye and Face Palette in Action

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One of my biggest challenges as a beauty writer is that my makeup routine is, admittedly, pretty boring. I usually stick to the basics of brow gel, mascara, blush, lipstick, and maybe I’ll throw a nude shimmer eye shadow into the mix if I’m feeling jazzy. But, after getting my hands on the Danessa Myricks Beauty Lightwork Volume IV Transcendence Palette (try saying that five times fast), I’ve found exactly what I needed to motivate my experimental side.

Ever since this limited-edition, 14-pan palette launched in September 2022, its holographic shades and putty-like glitters have dazzled the eyes of many a TikToker, making it an overnight viral sensation — much so that it sold out the first time it hit Sephora’s website. Now that it’s restocked, I decided that it was my turn to get my paws on this hit eye and face palette, and spoiler alert: I’m in love, and I’m not the only Allure staffer that feels this way.

Allure commerce writer Jennifer Hussein wearing the Danessa Myricks Beauty Lightwork Volume IV Transcendence Palette shades Paradise, Out of Body, and Angels.

Jennifer Hussein/Allure

What’s so charming about this jewel-toned palette? As you can see, it’s absolutely stunning, but the textures are also something to marvel at. This palette features four of the brand’s different eye and face color cosmetics to play with: eight Velvet Chromes (color-shifting pressed powders with a buttery glide and unbelievable blending powers), two Glass Metallics (metallic pressed powders with intense, glass-like shine), two Pressed Chrome Flakes (a pressed version of the brand’s beloved glitter-putty pots, and two water-activated Aqua Chromes. You basically get four different products in one palette, which is why it’s pricier than most eye shadow palettes

Just for good measure, I primed my lids with the About-Face Shadow Fix Eye Primer before putting any of the palette’s shades on my lids. After hours of experimenting with all 14 shades, I came to the conclusions that 1) I am far from a master at makeup, and 2) the Lightwork Volume IV Transcendence Palette is a little more intense than your average eye shadow palette, which is what makes it so fun. The Velvet Chromes and Glass Metallics are as simple as swiping on with a finger or go-to eye shadow brush for the most impressive color payoff you’ve ever laid your eyes on. The Pressed Chrome Flakes and Aqua Chromes have a bit of a learning curve — which might sound intimidating, but I promise they’re actually really fun to play with. 

Swatches of all the shades in the Danessa Myricks Beauty Lightwork Volume IV Transcendence Palette.

Unlike other glitters on the market, the Pressed Chrome Flakes don’t require any primer or glue. Its pearlescent pigments are suspended in a water-based, translucent gel that sets them in place while reflecting light from every angle. “The product contains polyvinyl alcohol, which is typically used in peel-off clear masks to give that vinyl look,” cosmetic chemist Ginger King previously told Allure. “They can give a nice gloss, in addition to adhesion.” 

Because of its formulation, a little goes a long way when applying the two Pressed Chrome Flake shades featured in this palette (an icy-blue hue named Heaven, and a metallic purple-pink called Paradise). The instructions, which are labeled on the back of the palette if you need them, say to “swipe and tap” the Pressed Chrome Flakes onto your lids, which I found easiest to do with my fingers. At first, the application was pretty messy, but as I got the hang of it, a light smear across my lids was all I needed for disco-ready lids without glitter scattering across my face.

Then, there’s the Aqua Chromes. If you’ve played around with water-activated graphic liners before, this formula will be a breeze to work with. But, if you haven’t, here’s a quick rundown: grab your makeup brush (I found an angled eye shadow brush to be the easiest), dip it in water, and swirl it around the shade of your choosing until it transforms into a paste-like consistency. Now, it’s ready to apply, and all you need is one quick swipe for its opaque formula to do its thing. I recommend swiping on a thin layer and keeping your eyes closed for up to a minute so its formula can dry on your lids without cracking. 

If you need some visual guidance, Danessa Myricks’s Instagram page is filled with tips and tricks on how to apply all of the formulas featured in the Lightwork Volume IV Transcendence Palette.

Allure deputy digital director Kara McGrath wearing the Danessa Myricks Beauty Lightwork Volume IV Transcendence Palette shade Out of Body.

Like I said before, I’m not the only one on the Allure team who’s having a love affair with Danessa Myrick’s buzzy palette. Kara McGrath, Allure’s deputy digital director, says she’s been using this palette near-daily to spice up her usual glam. “When I got this palette, I assumed I’d end up reserving it for special occasions — but it’s actually become the one I reach to most for everyday looks,” she says. “Since the formulas are so creamy, they make it easy to swap in a pop of iridescent blue, purple, green, or copper to replace my typical black cat eye.” Currently, her go-to hues from the palette are purple-blue Awakening, gold-pink Trippy, and the green-blue Out of Body (seen above).

Allure commerce editor Sarah Han wearing the Danessa Myricks Lightworks Volume IV Transcendence Palette in shades Trance, Heaven, and Angels.

Sarah Han / Allure

Danessa Myricks is hands down one of commerce editor Sarah Han’s favorite brands for eye products. “I’ve been hooked ever since I got my hands on Colorfix in all shades of the rainbow — which did wonders for my 2020 lockdown-induced boredom, but this palette is really making me pay attention to powder/pressed shadows again,” she says. “These Velvet Chromes are the makeup dictionary definition of ‘one-swipe wonders,’ so much so that I used my fingers to sweep Trance (electric sapphire/deep violet) all over my lids before going in with a flat, densely-packed shadow brush to clean up the edges of my wings a bit.” 

Instead of adding liner (though she notes that the Aqua Chromes work wonderfully for that), she smattered on a bit of Heaven, one of the Pressed Chrome Flakes, somewhat messily on top of the Trance base. To Han, this palette is all about having fun and embracing imperfection.

Yes, the Danessa Myricks Beauty Lightwork Volume IV Transcendence Palette is expensive, but each of its 14 hues is more than impressive — they’re revolutionary, and this palette is probably one of the most eye-opening makeup launches of 2022. Simply put, this palette makes my makeup routine exciting again, which I haven’t felt since pre-COVID days. So, if you want that same artistic thrill you probably felt in an elementary school art class, do yourself a favor and grab this limited-edition palette before it’s gone (again, possibly forever).

Danessa Myricks Beauty Lightwork Volume IV Transcendence Palette

Want to snag this gorgeous palette for yourself, or want to gift it to a deserving friend? You can purchase Danessa Myricks Beauty’s Lightwork Volume IV Transcendence Palette for $125 exclusively at sephora.com — but act fast because this limited-edition palette won’t be around forever.

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