Culpo Sisters Clip: Aurora Grills Olivia About Her Baby Plans

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In an exclusive sneak peek of the Nov. 21 episode of The Culpo Sisters, Aurora Culpo questions sister Olivia Culpo about being secretive about her baby hopes with boyfriend Christian McCaffrey.

The Culpo Sisters Exclusive Sneak Peek: Olivia Culpo on Future Baby Plans

Nobody can dissect you quite like a sibling.

In this exclusive clip from the Nov. 21 episode of TLC’s The Culpo Sisters, Aurora Culpo attempts to get to the bottom of why sister Olivia Culpo is being so hesitant to talk to boyfriend Christian McCaffrey about her hopes to have kids with him.

While browsing a clothing store, Aurora asks Olivia, “Why don’t you want to have the conversation with him about when he wants to have them?”

Olivia, in a moment of transparency, answers, “I don’t want to ask him that because I don’t want to know what he would say.”

As you can imagine, Olivia’s sentiment doesn’t go over well with her older sister.

“That’s not a good reason!” Aurora says. “You can’t avoid conversations because you don’t want an answer you’re not going to be happy with.”

Aurora express concern that, while Christian might want kids someday, he might say, “I meant when I’m 45 or when I’m 80.”

Christian, a star NFL running back who was traded from the Carolina Panthers to the San Francisco 49ers in October, turned 26 in June. Christian and Olivia started dating in the summer of 2019.

“In typical Olivia fashion, she doesn’t want to address the timeline of having kids with Christian because she’s worried, maybe, that she’ll get an answer that she doesn’t like,” Aurora says in confessional, with sister Sophia Culpo by her side. “I definitely think having the conversation sooner than later is better. I know that she thinks she’s being a good girlfriend by not pressuring him.”

Back in the store, Sophia flips the script and volunteers to be Olivia’s surrogate—which Aurora, who shares son Remi and daughter Solei with estranged husband Mikey Bartone, balks at.


“In that body?” Aurora asks Sophia. “You would die! You’re too skinny! Give it to me. I’ve already grown two. It’s all wrecked anyway. Just throw it in and you can pay for my surgery afterwards.”

That’s one way to do it. 

The Culpo Sisters airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on TLC.

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