Chris Evans Named People’s Sexiest Man Alive for 2022

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Guess that Knives Out sweater really paid off: Chris Evans is officially People’s Sexiest Man Alive of 2022!

Stephen Colbert announced the news on Nov. 7, unveiling the steamy cover of the magazine’s annual issue, during CBS’ The Late Show. He introduced the winner as “Hollywood movie star and incandescent supernova of hotness, Chris Evans!” 

Stephen played a clip of Chris on set of an upcoming movie, where he accepted the honor from former title holder Dwayne Johnson.

“It means a lot coming from a former Sexiest Man Alive,” Chris told The Rock, who responded, “What do you mean?”

Chris, wearing a sash for his achievement, replied, “Thanks for the support as a former Sexiest Man Alive, it just means a lot.” 

“I never give the title up,” Dwayne said. “I’m Sexiest Man Alive in perpetuity, which means for life… Let me ask you a question, brother. Am I alive? I’m still alive. Am I still sexy? You bet your sexy mouth I am.”

The Marvel star agreed, “We’ll share it.” When The Rock prompted Chris to say something “sexy,” the Lightyear actor had one answer: “Go vote tomorrow.” 

But there’s one person (besides his dog Dodger) who will be extra thrilled by his latest accomplishment. As Chris told the magazine, “My mom will be so happy… She’s proud of everything I do but this is something she can really brag about.” 

He may feel it’s some “weird form of humble bragging,” but you can see his Sexiest Man Alive cover here.

Steve Granitz/WireImage

Other stars set to grace this year’s upcoming issue will include George Clooney, Kendrick Lamar, Robert Pattinson and Jack Harlow.

Chris dethroned last year’s winner, Paul Rudd, who upon being crowned the title, told the outlet that he does “have an awareness, enough to know that when people hear that I’d be picked for this, they would say, ‘What?'” 

Jerod Harris/Getty Images

Former winner Ryan Reynolds—who held the title of People‘s Sexiest Man Alive in 2010—trolled the Clueless alum at the time, saying that although he was “very excited” about Paul’s latest role, he also believed “this opportunity will be wasted on [Paul], like so many before him.”

“I’m not saying I would leave my family, but they would need to go on without me,” the Red Notice star teased in 2021. “I would roam the world clutching my dog-eared People magazine, going from town to town, sowing my wild oats like some sort of nude, magical gardener. It would be amazing.”

Dwayne, who held the title in 2016, previously noted that despite handing over the honor to Blake Shelton in 2017, he feels like a sexiest man emeritus.

“Listen, my Sexiest Man Alive title is in perpetuity. It’s for life. Right?,” Dwayne joked to People in 2021. “I don’t give it up.”

Marvel, 20th Century Fox

People’s Sexiest Man Alive issue started in 1985—crowning actor Mel Gibson as the first at just 29 years old.

Past winners includes an impressive list of Hollywood legends, including Tom Cruise, Patrick Swayze, Denzel Washington and Prince Harry.

Richard Gere and Cindy Crawford—who were dubbed a power duo at the time—were named the Sexiest Couple Alive in 1993—before Richard returned to hold a solo title in 1999.

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