Cardi B’s Extra-Long Chrome Nails Have a Surprise Underneath — See Video

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Some combinations just come straight from the heavens, if you ask me — peanut butter and jelly, macaroni and cheese, and now Cardi B and First We Feast’s Hot Ones. She’s already hilarious in regular interviews, so just imagining her answering questions while devouring the spiciest of hot sauces is funny. Fans already have made several memes based on her reactions in her new episode of the web series, but I want to highlight her chrome nails that were a completely different color on the underside. 

The rapper’s Hot Ones episode aired on September 28. For the wing-eating event, she wore a printed blue bodycon dress paired with massive, abstract white earrings. Her hair cascaded around her in big, glossy waves that cascaded down to her hips. 

Her long coffin nails were coated with a metallic silver pigment. At first, you might think that’s all there is to her gunmetal nails, but if you look closely at her tips, you can see that the undersides of her nails were painted a jet-black color. Her duo-toned nails reminded me of Beyoncé’s own silver-and-black manicure, inspired by her song “Alien Superstar.”

Before getting into the wing eating, Cardi admitted that she was nervous. “I’m nervous because I’m setting myself up to have diarrhea. I know what’s going to happen later on,” she says. “But this is worth it because I’m telling you, my fans have been begging me to do this show for so, so, so long.” As a fan myself, I am getting my whole life watching her struggle to take the heat. 

Enjoy the full video, including her dual-sided manicure, below. 

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