Can Wearing Red Nail Polish Help You Manifest Your Wildest Dreams?

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I try to manifest and visualize my aspirations and hopes in my actions and activities throughout the day. To me, it is important to keep one’s dreams in mind as we trudge through work. Fortunately, as an astrologer, I’m in the right field to process my innermost sentiments and thoughts in my daily routine — even when getting a manicure

With the help of Bri Luna, tarot card reader, manifestation expert, and creative director of The Hoodwitch, we leveled up a basic manicure into something mystical. Luna, who herself is known for her powerful, signature stiletto nails, says that “beauty rituals such as manicures can help boost your self-confidence, which in turn is helpful in setting an intention.” You can manifest your dreams through caring for your nails and selecting a shape and color that “reminds us of the intention [desired],” says Luna. [Ed. note: So yes, there really may be something to TikTok’s Red Nail Theory of attraction.] Being that we look at our hands all day, our nails are an especially powerful tool to guide us towards meditating and attaining our goals.

Before we begin, here are some tips to keep in mind, no matter your intention. First, create a soothing environment, be that at home or the salon. Luna points out the importance of a positive relationship with your manicurist, because they’re transferring energy onto your hands. And, as we all know, energy is contagious — and we don’t want negative sentiments affecting our intentions. After your manicure, treat your hands and fingers with lots of TLC. Don’t forget to give them attention — in the form of, say, hydration or massage — afterwards. This is important in order to bring in the energy you want. Now, onto your goals…

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How Your Nails Can Help Manifest Love

Roses are a symbol of love. Therefore, if you’re wanting to attract romance into your life, use rosewater to cleanse your hands on Venus-ruled Friday, as an homage to the goddess of love. Pay attention to your ring finger, particularly the part of your nail and finger that is underneath the edge, which symbolizes love. Do not use a towel to dry your hands; instead, make sure that you air dry them in the sunlight to absorb the fragrant energy of the rosewater. Next, stretch out your hands to get the blood flowing through them. If you have a luxurious rose-scented lotion, use it.

When it comes to the shape, Luna suggests choosing one that aligns with the earth element for love, which would be a square shape — since love has many physical components to it, like sensuality and connectivity. Pay close attention to the “squareness” of the ring finger. If you’re looking to add passion, then try coffin nails because they represent fire energy. If you’re wanting more communication with your significant other or someone you’re interested in, then try an airy oval or almond shape. Or, if you desire to deepen the emotional connection, go for stiletto nails because they align with the element of water. 

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