Camila Cabello’s Updo Has More Tendrils in the Back Than It Does in the Front — See Photos

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I’m a ’90s teen, so when I think of tendrils, I think about how no ponytail, bun, or prom updo was complete without at least two tendrils — one on each side of the face. It was more or less federal law. A few years ago, when the 1990s and early 2000s trends started coming back around full force, tendrils were part of the retro tidal wave, but Camila Cabello’s latest hairstyle is the first time I’ve seen tendrils interpreted quite like this.

On July 3, stylist Dimitris Giannetos shared several views of the hairstyle he created for Cabello to wear to the Iris Van Herpen haute couture show in Paris. It’s undeniably stunning, twisted top knot — inspired by coral, Giannetos tells Allure — and her bangs give way to tendrils that frame her face. 

But the big surprise is in the back: more tendrils.

The back view reveals not only how intricate the updo is but how innovative. Several straight, shiny pieces of hair — tendrils, if you will — protrude from the back in a super-chic way. “I put her hair up in an updo, I added some extensions by Sway, and I left a few pieces in different lengths hanging from the back of the updo,” Giannetos explains.

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