Billie Eilish Gave Us a Peek at Her Natural Hair Color with a Cute Childhood Snap — See Photo

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Happy birthday, Billie Eilish! The musician just turned 21 and marked the milestone birthday with an adorable childhood snapshot that also gave fans a peek at her natural hair color. Spoiler alert: It’s not slime green.

Eilish threw it back to her younger years with a post honoring her kid self. In the photo, she appears to be turning three, given the number of candles on her pastel rose-and-unicorn cake. If the picture is any indication, young Eilish was less than thrilled, given that she was crying. (Maybe she wanted a black-and-lime green cake?!) Despite the years, child Eilish is absolutely darling, wearing a pink shirt and beaded necklace for her party and sporting a head full of straight, sandy-blonde hair. I know, you’d think she was born with black hair. But nope, Baby Billie was a blonde.

When you hear the name Billie Eilish, you probably think of the Eilish who rose to fame in the late 2010s with ebony hair and neon-green roots, not a blonde. While Eilish was blonde when her first single, “Ocean Eyes,” was popular on the internet, she quickly started changing things up, trying out a silvery-gray shade before dyeing her hair that signature deep black. She stuck with the black and green for a few years and when fans complained in 2021 about the lack of updates, Eilish clapped back, saying, “This is the longest I’ve had the same hair color since I was 13 & that’s on mental stability and growth leave me alone lsjdkksjdjs😭😭😭.”

She did, however, change things up that year, famously bleaching away the black in favor of a bright blonde, which she then cut into a shaggy bob inspired by a throwback pic of her mother. The blonde didn’t last too long, though: Eilish dyed her hair dark brown in late 2021 and then returned to black in early 2022, complete with baby bangs. Could 2023 be the year Eilish returns to blonde? She always keeps us guessing, so we’ll have to wait and see.

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