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An Introduction to Amahree Carwise

There’s a plethora of social media influencers with various forms of content, talents, interests, and personalities. Today we want to showcase NeoReach’s very own creators! Amahree Carwise is a NeoReach creator and social media influencer who rose to prominence on TikTok not long after downloading the app in August 2019. Posting videos consistently to nurture his platform, Amahree Carwise spends much of his time showcasing his vibrant and humorous personality to a supportive audience.

Through this practice, Carwise has managed to amass quite a large following and positive attention from TikTok viewers worldwide. In fact, the 19-year-old star has been dubbed the creator of numerous trends on the app itself, credited for kickstarting multiple viral sounds and videos.

Now juggling an impressively–sized platform, Carwise can share his entertaining and stylish nature with anyone who sees him on their TikTok For You Page. Over time, he has successfully displayed this aspect of his identity to fans, even landing a place amongst the TikTok Discover List in 2022 as an “Originator.”

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Personal Life 

Amahree Carwise was born on July 21st, 2003—making him a member of Generation Z—and was raised in Piedmont, South Carolina. After going viral online, the influencer began posting regularly to social media for friends and fans to see. Some of his interests include fashion, comedy, music, and fitness.

Social Media Presence

While Amahree Carwise has both Instagram and Youtube, his main platform is TikTok. His page has amassed approximately 1.7 million followers since its creation in 2019 and boasts 139.8 million likes overall. The young creator is quickly gaining popularity, averaging around 55.3k likes per video.

Amahree often engages with his followers in the comment section, frequently liking and responding to their feedback, usually in the form of jokes. Because of this, Amahree Carwise’s community carries itself with a tight-knit, casual feel. His willingness to swiftly respond to fans creates a friendly and welcoming dynamic.

Not only this, but it seems that the TikTok influencer has an array of inside jokes used by him and his followers in many of his videos. Multiple top comments surrounding his content usually contain funny quips or callbacks to previous videos, lending a strong sense of “togetherness” to Amahree’s platform.

Amahree also has an Instagram by the same name as his TikTok, @icymahree. These posts most frequently feature new, stylish outfits, and his pictures regularly receive enthusiastic responses from fans (as well as more inside jokes).

Type of Content

As is customary for TikTok as a platform, Amahree’s videos are short-form clips that grab the audience’s attention. He often shares his thoughts, sense of humor, and fashion style with viewers. He also frequently tries out new dance trends and lip-syncs to popular sounds, occasionally using hashtags to call attention to a certain concept.

Above all, Amahree Carwise’s videos contain a personal flair and charm that audiences can’t help but love. Subtle or overt comedy is often the star of the show, a practice that keeps viewers laughing as they scroll. The sass and character woven into each video make Amahree a loveable and comforting creator.

After making the TikTok Discover List, Amahree was asked by Variety about his creative process. Detailing the specifics of how TikTok itself has changed or shaped his life, the influencer spoke on his methods and state of mind involving the platform. He then expressed gratitude for the community he has become a part of.

“When it comes to these trends, I honestly don’t have a set process, I feel like it’s more of a lifestyle…It feels good to be appreciated and acknowledged as an Originator — I’ve started so much on TikTok and I’m happy to now be seen, heard, and paid attention to! TikTok has made such an impact on me and has given me a place to be myself and meet new people. I am so happy to be a part of the TikTok community. I can’t wait to see what else is in store for me,” said Amahree.

Brands, Partnerships, and Appearances 

In the past, Amahree Carwise has worked with the well-known retail company Fashion Nova by partnering with them on Instagram. He regularly showcases his love for fashion, and his style garnered attention from many sources. Brands and audiences alike are drawn to the unique and eye-catching styles sported by Carwise in his content.

Similarly, the TikTok Originator sometimes “tags” brands in his fashion videos, showing viewers exactly what he’s wearing and where he got it. In a TikTok from March of 2023, he tags clothes from two brands—Jaded London and Aelfric Eden—and creates an outfit in a short “Get Ready With Me” video.

Carwise also appeared on the Jennifer Hudson Show in February. This daytime interview show features iconic creators, such as Queer Eye’s Tan France, singer/actress Coco Jones, and American media star Khloé Kardashian.


Amahree gets more personal with his fans on his recently created YouTube channel. Most videos are filmed in vlog style as he talks to the audience about important life updates and plans for the future. The creator displays enthusiasm when looking towards what could come next in his journey, including:

  • Becoming monetized on YouTube
  • Getting involved in the world of fitness
  • Creating his fashion brand
  • Moving to Los Angeles 
  • And more!

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This article was written by Chloe Lomas

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