Beauty Icons: Black Haircare Influencers That Redefine Beauty Standards

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In this age of digital influence, black haircare influencers are rising as icons, reshaping the beauty landscape and inspiring a generation to embrace their natural tresses with confidence and flair. In a society that often dictates narrow definitions of beauty, these individuals have emerged as trailblazers, embracing their unique hair textures and styles.

Through their captivating content and authentic storytelling, black haircare influencers have ignited a movement that celebrates the versatility and beauty of black hair. Their journey towards self-acceptance and celebrating their heritage has become a beacon of empowerment for people from all walks of life. Join us as we deep dive into the world of these beautiful icons, unraveling their personal stories, discovering their signature styles, and learning their expert tips and tricks.

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Joyjah Estrada

  • Instagram: @joyjah
  • YouTube: @joyjah
  • TikTok: @joyjah

First up on our black haircare influencers list is the beautiful Joyjah Estrada. This Belizean social media personality is known for her freckles, skincare tips, and of course, her curls. With 476K followers on Instagram and 260K on TikTok, this black haircare influencer is making waves in the industry. 

Regarding the beauty scene, Estrada is known for her natural makeup tutorials and haircare videos. She kickstarted her influencing career in 2016 with her YouTube channel. However, her roots in modeling began as early as high school when she was discovered by a scout for her natural curls and prominent freckles. Regardless of this early industry exposure, she prioritized her education. As a result, Estrada received her bachelor’s from the University of Belize in Tourism Management in 2015.

Estrada deserves a spot on our black haircare influencers list for her stunning curly hair routines, brand partnerships, and product reviews. Something that sets Estrada apart from her peers is her candid transparency when it comes to her posts on social media. On each Instagram post comes a caption with a complete breakdown of all the haircare and makeup products she utilized in the works of the images. This allows her audience to learn and grow alongside her experimentation with different products.

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Nikisha Riley

  • Instagram: @nikishariley
  • YouTube: @PineappleLife_official
  • Twitter: @RileyNikisha

Next on our black haircare influencers list, we have Nikisha Riley, more recently known as Nikisha Brunson. This black haircare influencer is known for her natural hair looks, mental health advocacy, and environmentally conscious regimens. Born in Toronto, Canada, to a single mother who happened to be white, this Riley is the perfect example of a self-starter in the haircare industry. Self-taught to produce flawless hairdos without the instruction of her family, she quickly became an inspiration for women across the globe.

In 2011, Riley and her friend Cipriana Quann started the blog Urban Bush Babes, promoting lifestyle guides for women of color. Here, they share tips for maintaining black hair, leading healthy lives, and living stylishly. The two trailblazers have been featured in editions of Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, and Essence, among others.

Outside of her influencing profession, Riley completed her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Long Island University and a Master’s in Childhood Education to pursue her dreams of becoming an elementary school teacher. She lives in Austin, Texas, alongside her husband Jamal and 23-year-old son Jaden. Now 40, she’s again expecting, sharing her pregnancy on Instagram.

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Yene Damtew

  • Instagram: @yenedamtew
  • YouTube: @yenedamtew

Yene Damtew is an Ethiopian-American haircare influencer based in Washington, D.C. Her journey in the beauty industry began at 16 when she started styling hair out of her parent’s home in California. Motivated by her passion for hairstyling, she enrolled in cosmetology school, six months later making a life-changing move to the capitol to become a hairstylist for the Obama family.

Working with Michelle Obama opened doors for Damtew to expand her skills beyond the salon chair. She collaborated with makeup artists and fashion designers, styling hair for magazine covers and editorial shoots for Allure, GQ, and Vogue. Her “Good Hair is Healthy Hair” philosophy, infused with a modern touch, quickly garnered recognition, now being entrusted with the hair care of notable figures in Hollywood and the political sphere, making her an influential black haircare influencer.

With over 15 years of expertise in the industry, Damtew has accumulated a wealth of knowledge. 2015 she furthered her education by earning a Bachelor of Business Administration from Marymount University to found Aesthetics Salon. This hair salon has fostered a safe and inclusive environment of highly skilled hair stylists interested in promoting the diversity of natural hair. 

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Jourdan Riane

  • Instagram: @jourdanriane
  • YouTube: @jourdanriane
  • TikTok: @jourdanriane

Lastly, we have Jourdan Riane. Riane is a 24-year-old model, actress, and social media influencer from Essex. With her striking beauty and captivating presence, she has amassed a following of over 722K on Instagram and 86K on YouTube. Riane’s versatile talent extends beyond modeling, as she has appeared in various projects as an actress. This black haircare influencer does everything from sharing the screen with Christian Louboutin in a Chinese film to collaborating with Kojo Anim in a short film. 

Not only does Riane excel in front of the camera, but she has also made a mark on the fashion industry. Her modeling journey began in Childhood and has led her to work with renowned brands like Vogue Italia, Harrods, Maybelline, L’Oreal, and Boohoo.

In addition, Riane has made appearances in music videos, including a notable collaboration with Krept and Konan alongside Jhene Aiko. Her vibrant personality, positive energy, and emphasis on family orientation, understanding, spontaneity, and humor make her a captivating and multi-talented individual who continues to make waves in fashion, acting, and social media.

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As we conclude this exploration into the realm of black haircare influencers, one thing becomes abundantly clear: they are not just influencers but true revolutionaries redefining beauty standards. Their unwavering dedication to their craft has shattered societal norms, empowering individuals to embrace and celebrate their natural hair textures.

These beauty icons have demonstrated that black hair is not merely a trend or passing phase but a timeless expression of identity and culture. Black haircare influencers have unveiled a world of possibilities, from intricate braids to afros, protective styles to bold experiments.

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