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To prep, I sprayed my hair with the Morrocanoil Protect Defense Heat Protectant. Then, I split it into two sections, gathered the top half into a bun, and curled my hair from the bottom to the top of my crown. (This isn’t very different from how I usually prep my hair for curling.)

Perfect Defense Heat Protectant

Revolution Haircare Plex Step 8 4D Restore Oil

Frankly, it took a while to find a technique that worked for me — and you’ll probably want to do your own experimenting to figure out a method that works best for you — but here’s what I ultimately found was most successful: First, I held the curling iron upright and clamped a one-inch section of hair to the tool. Then, I pressed the arrow that pointed away from my face and watched the barrel spin in that direction, wrapping my hair around it for me. Once the barrel was near my scalp, I held the tool in place for ten seconds before releasing the clamp. (This method is actually in-line with the brand’s recommendations and you can learn more styling tricks on Beachwaver’s website.)

A few key findings: First, holding the barrel upright (instead of parallel to the floor or pointed down) helped the hair wrap around the wand with ease. This kept me from having to maneuver and contort my arms as the wand inched closer to my scalp. Second, releasing the button at least two inches from my scalp kept me from burning myself. I accidentally touched the iron against my scalp trying to get it as close as possible.

The end result was tight curls, which I brushed out for a loose, more laid-back style. I sealed the look with a fine hair spray and smoothed my ends with the Revolution Haircare Plex Step 8 4D Restore Oil

My Honest Thoughts

I loved the voluminous and loose curls I achieved with the Beachwaver. As someone who typically curls her hair with a straightener, I’ll admit there’s definitely a learning curve. (The hardest part for me was mastering the rotation settings to ensure I curled away from my face and not toward it.) But after curling one section of my hair, using the tool felt natural. 

Before using the Beachwaver.

After using the Beachwaver.

As you can see from my before and after photos, the Beachwaver gave my air-dried hair covetable body and movement. The waves I created were not only pretty, but also long-lasting. Seriously, this look lasted all day without falling. 

The Beachwaver costs $149, and though the price is a bit steep, it’s right in line with other top-rated curling irons on the market, including those from T3, GHD, and Bio Iconic. The price is undeniably higher than drugstore-priced hot tools, but you’re also paying for the patented technology. IMO, if you’re going to invest in a similarly priced curling iron, you might as well get the Beachwaver instead. Not to sound like a broken record, but it legit does the hard work for you. What’s not to love?

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